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World History has shown, mankind’s pursuit of a utopian society has led to its experimentation with various forms of government. The ingrained desire in man to have a social system where a select few rule over the majority, makes politics one of the most essential areas of study. My obsession with the subject began when as a young boy I heard the tale of the partition of India from my grandfather. His outright condemnation of Congress leaders had a profound impact on my intellectual thought, and I began to grapple with questions I did not have the answers to.

It was not until a few years later, after having read extensively on political theory, that I began forming my own views on politics. Hailing originally from Pakistan, a country which has for so long been its own bane, it was natural that the trials and tribulations of this nation would hold special interest for me. Having also lived for most of my life in the UAE, a sheikhdom, I could not help but compare the political situations of both countries, in many ways similar yet at the same time, worlds apart. What is the relationship between the elected and the electors in these political systems? Of particular interest to me is the shifting of political clout to the east where the Chinese behemoth is gearing to become a superpower. What role will religion play in the rise of the east and how will the traditional western powers react to this change. Thus, as often seen throughout history, will foreign policy remain an extension of domestic policy? Reading into Confucianism and texts by western philosophers, I have deduced that both share fundamental pillars of politics, quite apart from the worldwide revolution that the communisms of old encouraged. Yet will this mean that any probability of future tension between the Orient and the Occident can be ruled out? It is these questions which I hope to answer to better understand the intricacies of political science.

Coming from a family where nobody has before entered further education, my motivation to become the first to do so is very strong. To this end I have strived hard to achieve both academically and in the field of sports as I firmly believe that a person’s character is built not only by mental stimulation but also by participation in extra-curricular activities. Most notably I have captained the school hockey team to two inter-school gold’s and led the state U-19 cricket squad to regional championship success, and have learnt that I perform best under pressure. Encouragement from peers and colleagues has led me to many positions of leadership, including leading the school debate team in various countrywide debates, and election to the student council. These positions of responsibility have complemented my grades, as I have acquired the top academic award for four years running. A productive internship with the World Bank last year allowed me to gain invaluable experience and I thoroughly enjoyed conversing with experts on the response by various governments to the economic downturn. A love for the arts has fostered in me a keen interest in literature and I marvel in the works of the Russian masters such as Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky and Turgenev. This interest in Russian History has shown me the diverse cultural influences that passing peoples have left on the region and how this has made Russia a true east-west bridge.

Currently I am taking a gap year to further pursue my studies of French and German, to add to my existing language base of English, Arabic, Urdu, Hindko and Punjabi, as I believe knowledge of multiple dialects will enable me to gain a much better understanding of the world.

As a student of politics I hope that this provides enough evidence of my commitment and passion for the subject and if you so choose to accept in me in your prestigious institution, to the university. I look forward to my undergraduate degree which I believe will go some way in helping me to answer the great political questions of our time.

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This personal statement was written by bane310 for application in 2010.

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BA Politics & Law (Hnrs) at The University of Essex

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Overall, as I look back on it now, it was not a bad personal statment - i would give it 7/10. Alas that is not good enough for schools like LSE or OXBRIDGE.

Read it and learn, as you will notice there are some cliches in it, some things I should not have included. Take the good from it, learn from the mistakes, as you will find them.

The important thing to remember is that BE UNIQUE, and that means BE INTELLECTUALLY OUTRAGEOUS. discuss a point that, even if wrong, nobody else will discuss. Their not judging you for political correctedness, their wanting to know if your hungry enough.

and P.S - unless your the son/daughter of an elitist family, whose fathers and forefathers read at OXBRIDGE, or are a super genius nerd with 17 A's in A levels, dont bother even applying to OXBRIDGE. It will save you the dissapointment afterwards. Most top 10 Politics Uni courses are the same, maybe even better ranked, its only the name - OXBRIDGE which is a brand.


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You were accepted into some

You were accepted into some of the best institutions in the country, and your sentiment about the top 10 universities being the same is well received. I think many reading your statement, like myself, would sit and wonder why you chose Essex ahead of the rest?

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