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I have always been passionate about the study of history and more recently international relations. I feel that to understand what is happening in the present requires an understanding of what has happened in the past. From a young age I read books on the history of Britain outside of what I was studying at school.

At GCSE my fascination with the past developed further. The study of twentieth century world history, especially issues relating to the Cold War, became a special interest. This evolved into a desire to understand more about world politics and international relations.

Discussions on political topics have always been part of my life at home and an inquiring mind has been openly encouraged. I read a newspaper daily to keep up to date with current affairs as well as other books, many politically based. Most recently I have read An Introduction to International Relations to increase my knowledge of the subject.

I enjoy becoming involved in debates. I have taken part in several on issues including the Iraq war and fox hunting. This has developed my ability to form arguments and improved my formal speaking skills. At the last general election my school held a mock election. I became involved in campaigning for the Liberal Democrats, being named as campaign manager.

This increased my knowledge of the British political system and my desire to become involved in real life politics. As a result of this I contacted the North Norfolk Liberal Democrat's and became involved with their campaign. I worked as a volunteer delivering leaflets and newsletters. I found this highly enjoyable and an ambition to become involved in politics at a higher level formed.

I am a highly independent person and am self motivated and dedicated to my studies. Since the age of six I have been placed in higher year groups.

This has meant that I have worked consistently at an academic level greater than my age suggests. I have therefore had to be extremely committed to my studies to sustain such high academic standards. To enable me to study my subjects, I joined a sixth form where I did not know anyone.

I was able to make friends quickly and became involved with the school community. Not only does this show my self-sufficiency but also my motivation, as travelling to the sixth form requires me to undertake eleven hour days. This has not hindered me in any way and I am fully involved in extra-curricular activities offered by the school.

I have taken part in a one world conference which dealt with issues of fair trade and third world development. Recently I took part again, this time facilitating a workshop. From this I gained a greater knowledge of issues affecting the developing world and an increased level of confidence in leading a group of people.

I have gained both my bronze and silver Duke of Edinburgh Awards and am working on my gold. This shows my high level of commitment and my levels of independence have increased as a result. Through the award I have been able to develop many personal interests.

These include horse riding and playing the clarinet, on which I have reached grade five. I play in the school's concert band and orchestra, and will take part in a tour to Washington D.C. next February. I have been a part of many other activities including school productions and a school listening service. These all show the large amount I have put back into the school and my high levels of commitment and dedication.

To enable me to attend university with people my age, I plan to have a gap year. In this I wish to teach English to children in Nepal. I feel that an experience such as this will widen my knowledge of other cultures and societies and increase my level of self-reliance. Through having a gap year I feel that I will be more prepared for life at university and in turn be even more dedicated to my studies.

University life and the teaching methods will definitely suit my style of learning and I am ready for the challenges it presents.

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International Relations at University of St Andrews


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Wow... very impressive! I want to study international relations too, hope I get good offers too ... good luck!

Decent personal statement

Decent personal statement with good information. You don't need to write what each achievement does though. The reader should be able to understand what each achievement contributes to you without you needing to write things like "this shows" etc.

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