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Politics has long been a subject that has intrigued me, as I have always been encouraged to keep up to date with current affairs throughout the world, allowing me to develop my own opinions from a young age.

Throughout my lifetime I have experienced the Iraq War, economic recession, and the election of the first black president to the White House.

All of these have shaped my view of the world and helped me develop my own opinions and beliefs. I believe politics affects our lives on a daily basis and can help explain much of the change that has occurred in our society. These reasons can explain why I was compelled to take my chosen subjects and why my interest in politics continues.

After studying Modern Studies in fourth and fifth year, my fascination deepened. I particularly enjoyed studying the devolved powers of the Scottish Government.

As an English person living in Scotland the issue of Scottish Independence is of great interest to me.I was therefore extremely interested in discussing the arguments for and against devolution.

I am interested in the controversial topics that affect all our lives. Because of this I am an active and participating member in debating, within the school. This has not only allowed me to improve on my public speaking skills but also challenged my own beliefs, as at times I have found myself supporting a proposition I initially rejected.

I believe the ability to have an open mind is an asset for studying politics as it can explain the reasoning behind various political decisions and party ideology. Discussing current issues on a weekly basis has further highlighted the appeal of studying politics, allowing me to express myself and look at current issues in detail.

In the future I would like to pursue a career in journalism and I feel politics would be an invaluable tool for this. The political system of a country is vital to the nature of journalism as the success of the nation's economy, health and education can depend on the day to day decisions made by politicians.

I have some experience with journalism having written for local publications. As the youth representative for the Killearn Courier, I have written articles for the above publication and attended editorial meetings. I am also on the communications leadership team at school which deals with local media. This has been a useful experience.

I also thoroughly enjoy and excel at English. I find it particularly intriguing to see how each individual interprets the same piece of literature differently. English has allowed me to improve the way I express myself, something I feel will be of much use to me in the future. It has also increased my personal confidence, as we are encouraged to state our individual interpretations.

Currently I am working toward my MV award. As part of this I am participating in the school's paired reading scheme. This has allowed me to pass on my keen interest in English to others and help further them in the subject. It has also allowed me to develop unique social and communication skills which make me properly suited to this course.

Similarly my work experience in Balfron Primary School encouraged both my social and communication skills as I had to engage with and work alongside the pupils and staff. I also took on much responsibility in this role and gained positive feedback.

I have also been involved with the school's Malawi exchange program, 'buddying' one of the visitors with whom I am still in touch. This gave me a unique look into another culture and allowed me to see my own country in a new light.

I have also enjoyed performing with the school orchestra in many concerts.

My long standing interest in politics and current affairs has left me in an excellent position to succeed in my chosen subjects which I believe make me suitable for this course.

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