Politics & International Relations Personal Statement Example 5

I gained my interest in social sciences in my early teenage years, when I started to question the surrounding world trying to find my way and place in it. As I browsed through books, which introduce main points of today's cultural, management and social studies, I became eager to strive for more.

I got particularly concerned with management as well as political sciences; therefore, I set a goal to direct all my efforts towards becoming a professional.

My foray into these subjects started when I was fifteen. I was chosen to present Lithuania's attitude towards essential EU's matters in an international student project JEEP (Jesuit European Educational Project), which took place in Marseille. I decided to work on the question, whether EU should get more engaged in the Middle East Peace Process.

The resolution I prepared with my group was approved and this success gave me an exclusive opportunity to participate in this assembly again in the following year. That time I was a representative of a Committee on Foreign Affairs focusing mostly on the recent political affairs in Georgia and Russia's influence over Europe.

In the same year, I also attended an intercultural seminar in St Marienthal, where I disputed on Turkey's access to EU. Participation in these projects gave me a chance to revalue my views and share opinions with other students.

At school, I have chosen five subjects to study in A level, including social, exact and linguistic sciences. My choice of History and Political science study was determined by the wish to reveal the complexities of the continually changing world.

The appeal of Maths and Physics consists of their functionality with regards to the recognition of conceptual processes and quantitative phenomena in the surrounding economic/political environment, thus assisting in developing critical thinking skills.

This was the reason which urged me to become an extramural student of Physics school "Fotonas". On the linguistic side, Lithuanian and English introduce me to undiscovered authors of both modern and classical literature.

Reading has been my everyday passion ever since my early years. I enjoy reading works of philosophy, poetry and fiction. Out of the latter category, Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Mikhail Bulgakov are my
favourite authors.

As far as languages are concerned, I am fluent in Lithuanian, English and German and I have also learnt French at school level. After school, I take part in a handful of activities such as theatre, dance lessons and choir. I am also a music school graduate.

During the school years, I have demonstrated my enthusiasm in a number of social work volunteer programs. My leadership skills emerged when I started to partake in summer camps as a mentor for children from asocial families. Working at nursing home I witnessed the variability of the world and realized the consequences of human interactions.

This experience encouraged me to work for the advancement of the surrounding world and to pursue possible solutions to the problems that I witnessed during my volunteering.

I have always had a strong commitment towards solution aiming to define best organizational processes and structures; furthermore, I want to pursue a career allowing me to express values and apply them in a positive and enhancing way.

I hope that above experience, skills and scope of interests prove my enthusiasm and suitability to study such subjects. I look forward to expanding my horizons and deepening my knowledge in these fields, hoping to be able to work in it in the future.

I feel excited about going to University and becoming a part of community full of challenges, diversity and change.

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This personal statement was written by nuokana for application in 2010.

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University of St Andrews
Queen Mary, University of London

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