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My purpose for this personal statement is to NOT bore you thus whilst at the risk of trying, by ALL possible means, to avoid sounding cliché I must state my desire for the course international relations/ Development Studies stemmed from being that 13 year old child who thought that on 20th March 2003 when war was announced that I would immediately not be able to date all the boys in the world (ahhh such a tender age) or buy all the “garms” (as street slang would have it) because of fear it would be rationed or we would be bombed. Ever since then I could say that international affairs have been one of my greatest interests. Particular interests of mine include the economic and political situation in Zimbabwe and also the “Cold War” that Russia keeps threatening Western Europe with.

My chosen A- Level subjects have fed an increasing interest for different reasons into the Politics of the world yet I know I am prepared to learn at your institution what really makes the “world go round” in the world of politics and relations”.. to be cont'd

I believe life is about trying different things, I have undertaken many different types of work experiences in order to try and find my desired career path. I learnt from a law firm that attention to detail is very important and that slight word changes in documents can alter meanings to statements, volunteering at my local C.A.B. has shown me how to be sympathetic to people who do have genuine problems and issues in their lives and recently a four week placement with Lloyds TSB head office has taught me how mundane a simple 9-5 can really be!! A two week placement I had at the House of Commons, has taught me that the world of politics is more my forte as I would like to have a role into how the country I live in is run and also they have really good discounts in the jubilee café.

Currently at the moment I am awaiting my 18th Birthday before I can join the “Met Volunteering Programme” as I believe that will help me to wok on skills such as vigilance and initiative which never hurts to develop further as each day goes by. My long-term career plan would be to join a government agency working to serve and protect the country .

In my free time I LOVE to dance as it affords a great way to keep in shape and also to practice my newest and original (might I add) moves for the dance floor. I enjoy singing, even though “friends” comment on my not being especially gifted at it however I will not let the opinion of a few less innovative individuals stop me - I have the right to freedom of expression! But I am quite a good swimmer, cricketer, artist, sprinter, and comedian- I commend myself for being able to see positive sides in situations as I believe things can always worsen so you have to be able to see past the bad and turn it into good. That is how I tackle problems in life and particularly my bank account.

Inside School I have been assigned many responsibilities and roles such as Prefect, Senior Prefect and Peer Mentor. Each which require me to utilize different skills such as patience, empathy and leadership. I have used my talent in dancing to win Talent shows at school and also outside of school. I have participated in traditional dances for International Evenings and relish any opportunity I get to wear my national dress, as I am proud of my heritage and wish for more people to know about Nigerian culture. I enjoyed a position as Managing Director in our Young Enterprise team. I have won numerous debating and Public speaking competitions such as Redbridge Debating Competition. I believe strongly in the ethos of giving back and investing time and effort into an institution, which has also given to me many opportunities for which I thank God for because there are so many people who would love to have the opportunities I have.

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This personal statement was written by josie_baby21 for application in 2008.

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i am trying to potray me and who i am but i am slightly afraid that the admissions tutor might not see me as serious... what are your first impressions when you read it


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they will definately not take

they will definately not take you seriously! dispose of the jokes immediately! - to get into university you are not required to be funny - and sweetie you are far from it!

get someone to go through this and edit it severely!
you need to be straight to the point - sharp and punchy - cut the waffle!

sorry to be a bitch but you really need to wake up if you want to get where you propose to in life!

my dad flipped. Not a pretty sight.

I had to dispose of this as my dad flipped whn i showed it to him. So it doesn't matter as none of this will be going to ucas. However i will still leave it up on the internet so that a bright intelligent spark won't try to make the same mistake i almost did.

oh and it's 5 big juicy rejections.

josie_baby xxx

ps thanks for the comment anyways

Hope this is some help.

Okay, don't put random words in capitals like LOVE, and NOT, there's no need. Get rid of the first paragraph, it's just bad. Do not speak directly to the admissions tutor with "you".

just so you know..

just so you know..
russia is not threatening western europe with a cold war right now.
so dont you worry.
you can even date boys in russia now


This is the kind of PS that none of us would submit but all of us wish we could, just to say "fuck u UCAS".

Honestly though, this is what you should put on a dating website in your profile, not on ur UCAS.

First of all, its way to informal. Second of all, it does not promote your maturity and development, and commitment to the subject. Your attempts at humor are passable, however completely not fitting with what UCAS want. You portray yourself as an uninformed, unambitious person here. And christ, do you ever read the news/follow world events? "Cold War that Russia keeps threatening Western Europe with"

a bit boldly stated, I must say...

anyways, i really hope you did not submit this, for ur own good

Richard Totten

just so bad.

Oh, no....

Oh, no....
What the hell is this?
Breaks every rule in the book.
I've never seen the likes.
I include a sample of some on my personal favourites (ranked in order of preference)

1. "also they have really good discounts in the jubilee cafe" - CRINGE. This place is also probably vastly overpriced, selling tasteless sandwiches, soups and jacket potatoes. I rather a McDonalds Josie!

2. "has shown me how to be sympathetic to people who do have genuine problems" - Wow. I never knew you could learn to be sympathetic. Possibily the least useful skill I have ever seen.

3. "date all the boys in the world (ahhh such a tender age)" - my foremost concern is with the tripe 'h', wasting character space. Don't you feel a simple 'h', would suffice?


no ,just no that is beyond

no ,just no that is beyond cringe

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