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Having grown up at a fascinating time of political metamorphosis, witnessing constant evolution and partisan shifts, I have become captivated by the ceaseless ways in which politics affects our everyday lives and thinking.

Though I have only lived to witness a small fragment of the vast canvas that global political history has painted, I have come to realise that while much remains disputed in governing, one thing retains a strong consensus- Politics is paramount.

From the coverage of the 2010 general election, I became particularly interested in Psephology and from this was stirred to read further into the ideology and thinking behind the votes, particularly that of post-war labour.

Books such as Anthony Crosland's 'The Future of Socialism' have enriched me with an understanding of the party's underlying principles while autobiographic pieces such as Damien McBride's 'The Power Trip' offer a valuable insight into the pragmatism and mechanics of the party's transition into the New Labour era.

Not only has this provided me with a retrospective understanding, it also has encouraged me to consider the future of social democratic parties throughout Europe as they reappraise their policies in the wake of the prevailing forces of immigration, climate change and globalisation that now dominate the political agenda.

I seek to immerse myself in politics wherever possible: I am a registered electoral observer and was able to play a role during the historic vote on Scottish Independence.

Through membership of the pressure group 'Liberty' I maintain an informed perspective on issues of civil liberties and human rights, while attending recordings of the BBC's 'Any Questions?' and the annual Westminster Hall Student Conference has allowed me to maintain a cultured perspective on topical political theory, developing myself as a creative and empirical thinker able to tackle key political arguments.

During work experience at Surrey County Council Legal and Democratic services I was able to develop my appreciation of how government supervision is crucial in maintaining stability and clear mandate, even in a local environment.

Through observing cabinet meetings and select committees it widened my understanding of policy progression and appeals procedure while further fuelling my ambition to work with these processes amplified on the larger stage of Westminster government.

While politics is about ideas and principles, the articulation of these ideas is central. Through the study of English literature I have grown as a writer both on a creative and analytical level.

From the socially conservative works of Larkin, to the female poets of the First World War as they journeyed towards universal suffrage, the subject has provided a contextual backdrop to my politics classwork, enriching me with an appreciation of how creativity and politics are not mutually exclusive. A point that English Language has further demonstrated by allowing me to consider how vital semantics are in enhancing the pretence of power and authority.

Whatever I do in life, I commit myself fully. I have been learning classical guitar for 7 years and this has enabled me to express myself as a singer songwriter, regularly playing at local venues in choirs and throwing up a host of opportunities such as being selected as a soloist to perform for Prince Michael of Kent and the High Sheriff of Surrey at two respective events.

I hope that undergraduate study will enable me to reach my full potential, providing a platform from which I can go on to fulfil my ambition of securing a position in Government through Civil Service Fast Stream or Government Legal Services.

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5/5 Offers with AAD at AS

Kings College London (Politics)- AAA
Queen Mary (Law and Politics) -AAA
Warwick (Politics) - AAA
Royal Holloway (Politics) - ABB
Queen Mary (Politics) - ABB


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