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I have thoroughly enjoyed all of my studies during my time in the Sixth Form, but of Politics, English and General Studies, I have found Politics to be especially rewarding and am looking forward to studying it more deeply at university.

However my other A-Level choices have given me skills that I can use while studying at university. English gives me plenty of practice at planned writing and meeting deadlines for pieces of work.

I also get the chance to do comparative writing which has complemented the work I have done in my Politics lessons so far.

In General Studies we are encouraged to keep up to date with current events and I get a chance to develop my advocacy skills during our regular class discussions, which I relish the chance to participate in.

In my politics course, I was particularly interested in the work we did on voting behaviour in the United Kingdom.

It was fascinating to examine the different reasons why people choose not to vote and the reasons people vote the way they do depending on social factors. It seemed particularly relevant to me as I am approaching voting age and it gave me the opportunity to look at my own political ideologies and willingness to participate in the political system.

Another topic that interested me was individual rights within the United States and United Kingdom. I wrote an essay comparing the ways in which the two countries protected civil rights which was quite challenging as it required me to research the topic in detail on my own and select the most relevant points to include within the one thousand two hundred word limit.

I decided to look at the ways in which the constitutions of each country provided for peoples civil rights and the differences between them, the impact of terrorism on legislation relating to individual liberties and the issues surrounding abortion. Overall I was very proud of the essay and it received a grade A upon being marked.

I'd like to think that the way I approach doing pieces of work such as this is very thorough and that I perform well independently.

To supplement my work in class on American politics I have read relevant documents by the Congressional Research Service that can be found on their website.

This reading has given me a much broader and fuller understanding of the ways in which the American system works and it's political culture. I also attended a lecture given by Robert Tuttle, the American ambassador to the UK at De Montfort University in October 2007.

In his talk he outlined the issues he considered to currently be the most important and pressing global issues, these were: climate change, world poverty and extremism. It was an enlightening talk and gave me a lot of insight into the work of the US government that I wasn't aware of previously.

It also sparked off a lot of questions in my mind about globalisation and international relations that I think could be explored during my time at university.

Separate from my studies, I participated in a workshop within Sixth Form where I worked in a team to develop an educational children's toy and give a presentation on it. The entire experience was very enriching and I would love to do something similar in the future if the chance arose.

The workshop allowed me to develop my skills in team work, research, presentation, public speaking and organisation. In my spare time, I enjoy playing football, swimming, reading and painting; at university I'd hope to continue these interests.

Once my degree is complete I would perhaps like to pursue a career in journalism or in government. I think that a degree in politics would give me the chance to develop the skills necessary to succeed in these professions. However, my main motivation for taking a Politics degree is my passion for the subject.

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This personal statement was written by rbest for application in 2008.

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Pretty good I think, I got all my offers from Bradford, Leeds, Liverpool, Kent and Sussex.

When you sit down and actually think about it, there is lots of things you can put into a personal statement and if you spend enough time perfecting the wording it can sound more impressive than it actually is.

Hope it helps others!


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