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Politics surrounds us in ways we cannot prevent, it touches the lives of everyday people influencing the way in which we coexist in society. I was first intrigued by the politics that surrounded me in school, where I became a member of Student Parliament and began to appreciate having the opportunity to represent my student body. This appreciation gradually grew whilst studying A Level Government and Politics as I learnt about a subject that didn’t seem cemented in the pages of my textbook but came to life. This is due to our current political climate becoming more adversarial and challenging with Brexit and the administration of Trump. Studying politics at undergraduate level will help me navigate and comprehend this climate, with all its pressing discussions and disagreements.

I, like many others was surprised by the outcome of the 2016 EU referendum, especially as at the time I was an intern at the Foreign Office in the EU directorate, which sparked my interest in a career within the Civil Service, a future aspiration of mine to have. The evolutionary nature of politics in our modern society is compelling as it reveals the changing demographic of the electorate. This was exemplified in the 2017 election which saw the youth becoming more politically aware. I feel this is an important reason for studying a politics degree so that in the future my generation are well informed of how democracy can drive change. Hopefully challenging the stigma attached with politics as being corrupt and unrepresentative which needs to be demystified by encouraging political participation especially amongst the youth. Hence, whilst completing work experience at MP Grant Shapps office, I was educated on how MPs work to engage with constituents, motivating them to vote at elections. At university, I look forward to learning more about the issue of a democratic deficit and how it can be rectified by enhancing democracy through the reform of the Westminster model.

Politics is also fundamentally about the collaboration of people which requires effective communication and teamwork skills. I have exhibited these qualities when completing a Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, which involved organising and leading an expedition. This required me to juggle my academic studies with volunteering weekly, exposing me to the importance of charity work to aid the disadvantaged in society. In the future it is an ambition of mine to engage in volunteering abroad.

Despite only currently studying domestic politics, international relations continues to fascinate me. This is reflected in my extracurricular activities, I am a member of my school’s Model UN and in October I will be attending a study visit in Geneva to visit the UN. Furthermore, through studying Economics at A-Level in combination with politics I have also enjoyed exploring the integration of both subjects in the real world, whether that be through the formulation of public policy, or through globalisation and trade. When studying political ideologies the connections between economics and politics were again strongly evidenced - Upon reading Hayek’s ‘The Road to Serfdom’, I was intrigued by the argument against economic planning due to the restraints it imposes on economic and political freedom. Again, I hope at University to explore the cross-subjectal connections between these subjects and the importance of striking a balance between economic prosperity and political stability in society.

Whether it be through democracy or dictatorship, politics encompasses all areas of life in the way that it functions to maintain order, peace and stability within society. Even at its intacracies Politics is objective and constantly evolving, sparking debate and question at every opportunity. As a prospective student of Politics not only does this excite me, but motivates me to continue my academic zeal by studying Politics and International Relations at undergraduate level.

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