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I am of Somali and Maasai parentage, but was adopted and became a Dutch national. This places me firmly in the mainstream of multiculturalism.

My family's extensive travels exposed me to various African and European cultures. I speak fluent Kiswahili and English with a grasp of Chichewa, Dutch, French, and Tswana. Having studied in international schools and participated in home stay programmes, I learnt to adapt and live with people. My exposure has taught me patience, tolerance, and negotiating skills, which I apply in my daily life.

As a dedicated student and a young woman of variety and ambition, I was placed among the top 5 students in my school. For me, this is a great academic achievement. Studying five subjects for my A level challenged me to excel academically and developed my desire to study at a university and post-graduate level.

My A level subjects were connected from a humanities point of view, giving me a deeper understanding of how people act and react to change. It also reflects my deep interest in people. - Which are essentially their political issues.

My political interests and leadership abilities are demonstrated in the fact that I was the founder and then voted chairperson of the SRC and I was in the school food committee. In order to develop my leadership skills, I articipated in a ten day leadership course in the Dragensburg Mountains. This developed my sense of team spirit and enabled me to work skilfully with my peers during difficult and strenuous situations.

Outside of my studies, I participated in numerous societies such as, International Current Affairs, Wine Tasting, Poet's Anonymous, Debating, Environmental Club, and the Film Club. In addition, I have received senior standards for community service, choir, and drama along with numerous awards in acting and directing.

Apart from my intellectual and political pursuits, I was in my school's swimming squads, volleyball, badminton, and netball second teams. I am a proud holder of a deep-sea (PADI) diving licence.

On the cultural side, I am passionate about African literature, music, dance, and film. I am now studying Asian culture through its literature and dance. I attend the Sauti za Busara (an African and Arab music festival) and also the Zanzibar International Film Festival.

Having been schooled in different countries, I was not permitted to work. Hence, my formal job experience is limited. However, I have always looked for employment whenever possible and took part in the job shadowing that my school offered, as well as running a small business selling African curios to earn pocket money.

Being born into a politically active family has developed within me a passionate interest in comparative politics, government policies, international relations and their effects on Africa and Asia.

My wish is to further my education through university and post-graduate studies and to eventually work for a non-governmental organisation or the United Nations in the field of policy-making, aid and development, and other global challenges.

I have applied to your university because it has the best faculty in the subjects that I desire to study.

It is my hope to become a credit to your university by contributing positively to the student life and culture, a credit to my family by excelling academically, and a credit to my chosen career by using the knowledge and skills that I acquire from your university.

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This personal statement was written by Resiato for application in 2005.

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School of Oriental and African Studies
School of Oriental and African Studies
The University of Warwick
The University of York
School of Oriental and African Studies

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