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In 1919 Mussolini declared Socialism dead. The creator of Fascism, to be both revolutionary and traditionalist, formed The Third Way. In 1997 so did Tony Blair. That's why I love Politics, the ambiguity; change in the system can lead to absolutely anything. Take the writings of Karl Marx who dreamt of a system of peace and equality, yet so far in history when put into political practice Communism has brought excessive violence and corruption. From Lenin's Peace, Bread and Land came Stalin's gulag and labour camps. Political history, thought and the foundations of modern states are captivating to me and I feel that I will relish studying Politics.

From History A level I have learnt the truism of history; those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them. This is also true in Politics. One could wonder what the relevance of President Bush dropping history at 15 has had on recent international politics. By taking English A level I have learnt to critically analyse texts, and generate my own views and opinions which will be an asset when studying Politics. Drama has been an invaluable experience. I have learnt commitment, respect and self confidence, I now take more risks and try and bring an air of creativity to anything I do. Drama has allowed me to determine and reflect on my own self beliefs. I have performed in 6 productions, 2 at Singapore's Esplanade Theatre.

Living in Singapore is like living in a MEDC bubble surrounded by countries that are yet to conclude their own political identity. I feel this experience has made me much more culturally and politically aware. To the western world the Khmer Rouge is an event in history. Visiting Cambodia to participate in a house building project and voluntary work at an orphanage, it amazed me how the local people were still terrified of wearing glasses; there is a fear of the return of the Khmer Rouge and the inevitable slaughter of anyone suspected as an intellectual. Last summer I organised and planned a trip with four others to Kathmandu, Nepal, to work for the charity Maiti Nepal. The news at that time was filled with concerns around a Maoist insurgency with the threat of violent demonstrations. However during my experiences there, the only sign of political disorder was a peaceful, student protest due to the rising bus fares and a communist flag in a mountain village. Being in Nepal made me consider how the big political issues for most people come down to the quality of life we all aspire to.

I am confident in developing and expressing my opinions in debates both formal and informal. I have taken a role in Model United Nations; I was a delegate for Venezuela, on the Eco-Soc committee, debating illicit trade of small arms. Our team is now applying to represent Georgia, which should enable us to be involved in a Security Council resolution, at both the Thai and the Singapore MUN. The volume of research and the awareness of international relations make MUN a challenging, yet enjoyable experience. At university I wish to continue this type of activity through contributing to both political and debating societies. During my time at Tanglin I have been appointed to a number of positions of responsibilities. These have included duty prefect, senior prefect and a director of young enterprise, our team organized the first official Red Nose Day in Singapore, raising funds for the Cambodia House Building Project.

From having the experience of living abroad in Singapore, I believe that I have a very different view and concept of the world as an informed global citizen. I am fascinated by current affairs; I subscribe to the Singapore Straits Times and the UK's Guardian. I wish to study Politics because it involves learning about the real world and developing the skills to make sense of this world. Having a further understanding of politics will allow me to become a participant and not just an observer of the process.

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Applying 2009 entry to leeds birmingham liverpool manchester belfast


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off the chain!!!

is sick man, its really good. must have taken you ages to do.

this is brilliant the content

this is brilliant the content you have mate is quality. You clearly know your background info. Nice one

This is really good.

This is really good.
Being a fellow historian, I loved the intro.

Where did you apply to?

Thanks :)

thanks so much guys for the feedback, yes i love history, my school wouldnt let me take politics alevel coz of a time table clash so i did history,
and im applying to Leeds birmingham manchester liverpool and belfast

(I didn't comment while I was

(I didn't comment while I was signed in)

but yeah, I go to a small school in the Caribbean so our subjects choices were limited so I had to choose history. And I love it.

lol European history was a lot better than American but it's not too bad.

all the best

It's a bit vague.

You've not implicitly said why you want to study the course nor why you want to study at university.


The first paragraph is absolute brilliance. You didn't need to write anymore after that to be honest.

This a pretty awesome

This a pretty awesome statement. Being a lazy sod, I had to take some ideas from this. I hope you don't mind :P

I loved your first paragraph and your second paragraph, the comment about George W. Bush. I'm being pedantic here, but he did get a Bachelor's degree in history at Yale University. If only he'd spent more time sober...

taking some ideas; fine but

taking some ideas; fine but dont copy a guy in the year above me last year did copy off some website got caught and banned from ucas so had to apply somewhere crap in australia lol
and i read an article in the guardian like last year that he did economics and dropped history at 15..hm shit


This is brilliant. Good luck!

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