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My background, living in three major metropolises, Lagos, London and Aberdeen bestowed me a very diverse, open, multicultural way of thinking. The cultural shock of Lagos widened my eyes to vastness of the world and prepped my involvement in the Community Development Committee, allowing me to get in touch with all sectors of Nigerian society; here my interest in sociology, politics and government took flight.

The focus of my personal research has centered on the progression of Nigerian politics and economics after 50 years of independence and the extremely volatile relationship between one established superpower in the East and one rising giant: China and Nigeria. For every dollar that China spent in Africa a decade ago they now spend 150 dollars. The growing rate of Chinese investment is hitting astronomical figures, investing heavily in Infrastructure, petroleum and the military- providing training to protect the Oil rich northern Nigerian, specifically the Delta Region. It is too early to see if this large scale bilateral economic relationship is furthering Nigeria as a country, not just economically but socially. My intern work at Olaniwun Ajayi; one of the top three Nigerian law firms and the attorney’s of several banks, including the Central Bank of Nigeria, awards me great personal political insight into the physical manifestation of Nigeria’s corporatist views- where big business greatly influences policy, seen clearly in Nigeria’s Petroleum polices- favoring larger, often foreign business such as Shell and Chevron contrasting heavily with the UKs move away from the ‘Third way’ since 1999 with the beginning of a Labor decline of popularity. These ideals where cemented during my internship with Nigerian Stock International, giving me a more practical look at the bureaucracy that surrounds government and the sheer amount of governmental agencies that it must rely on to remain stable and the large scale economic fusion between Nigeria and China.

My interest in politics is not just on an international scale but nationally also. My concern for the emergence of the ‘Nanny state’ and the increasing influence of government in the lives of the individual, led to my joining of the Conservative party. My internship with Nelson Spirit, which allowed me to pick the brains of leaders such as Chloe Smith- previous Economic secretary to the treasury and the youngest MP in Government, gave me a modern view into politics and the struggle to have ones voice heard in such an immense political institution. Though I have a strong links with the Conservative party, socially I am very liberal and have great respect for the Historical liberal writers and philosophers Thomas Jefferson and John Locke, who stressed a strong central Government but an equally strong individual freedom.

Though sad to leave Nigeria and the cultural experience I gained there, another journey awaited me to Norfolk, but my passion for Government, Politics and Sociology did not diminish, prompting me to represent Wymondham College at the European Youth Parliament debate. I also have a profound interest in the environment, as a geography subject leader, it is my job to challenge younger student’s previous perceptions of the world, especially in the UK and western Africa and reveal it’s the true realities. My experience as a subject leader is invaluable, participating in the three peaks challenge, climbing three mountains in under 12 hours which, even as a previous school sports leader, challenged me physically and mentally.
In my spare time I enjoy running, taking part in online forums and am a prolific reader, especially enjoying the works George Orwell, John Steinbeck and ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ by Arthur Golden.

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took a while, but not too long i guess.
I was offered ablot of help, but it didn't sound like me, so i declined a lot of help.
But overall i like it, and i think it represents me well


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