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Since childhood, I have been fascinated by the constantly changing world that we live in, wanting to understand and explore the causes and effects of current and future human interactions. During my teenage years I started listening to the BBC World Service and reading internationally recognized journals and magazines.

I have become convinced that a third level education relevant to world affairs would help me gain knowledge that would allow me to pursue a wide range of possibilities. My current career ambition is to find a suitable role within an international organization, such as the UN, ideally with specific focus on assisting people who have been displaced due to civil unrest, war, famine or other natural disaster.

I was enthralled by the many intellectually-stimulating and revealing articles into which I have voraciously immersed myself as a very enthusiastic person, on the paradigm shift in the study of Politics and international relations from a conventional practices and applications to a more contemporary and modern approach.

Indeed, the world is fast becoming technology-driven and the study of Politics and International Relations is not left out. Realizing this, I conducted some snap inquiries, the outcomes of which precipitated other series of laborious, yet, far-reaching examinations, on the possible disruptions to be envisaged in the international paradigm and discovered that “Artificial Intelligence (AI)”, “Public Policy, “Diplomats and International Relations expert”, amongst others, are already the next disruptive elements, which are presently witnessed in the increasingly dynamic, close-knitted and highly globalized world of Politics and international affairs. Then, I asked myself, “what becomes of me, with these changes and disruptions?” I came to realize that there is a compelling need to key into these trends, in order to “birth” relevance and ensure I am in tune with what is obtainable in my field as a Second Class Upper Hons graduate of Political Science in the preferred university in the center of Excellence in Lagos, Nigeria.

In addition, while studying Political Science as an undergraduate, I came to a strident conclusion that “Politics” in particular, is one of the life-blood of any state economy and as such, for a country or nation to thrive seamlessly, state economy must be allowed to thrive remarkably.

However, nothing from my investigations that political activities are now being increasingly hijacked, controlled and marshalled by Artificial Intelligence and Technology, it became pertinent to embrace an understanding of AI and its associated concepts. Despite little or no background knowledge of Artificial intelligence and its associated components, I took it upon myself to embrace better understanding of AI, even if the environment I find myself presently does not provide much room for its exploration.
My display of academic excellence (evidence by a remarkably impressive Cumulative Grade Point Average of 4.31/5.00) with numerous accomplishments as an undergraduate (See transcript and Curriculum Vitae) afforded me the opportunity to lead, write Articles on Socio-Political, economy and social issues in Nigeria during before, during after Covid-19 saga. As a result of my recently developed but profound interest for AI and political analytics, I am presently making thorough investigations on the roles and contributions of Artificial Intelligence to politics.

Despite coming to terms with the fact that Artificial Intelligence is an emerging field, with little research work undergone to explore the nitty-gritties, technicalities and intricacies associated with the field, AI field and technology is one I am so passionate to explore and dissect. Consequently, my research interest has AI as a focal point. My interest in AI especially comes from the opportunities afforded by a field that has so much prospects, matches my interest and research activities, and provides much room for exploration, specifically in the area of Politics. My predilection with AI in the world of Politics, served as a motivation and driving force to pursue a Master in Political Science, in the Kent State University, United States of America (USA). I see my Master’s Degree Program in Politics at the Kent State University, as the best fit for my intellectual interests and professional drive and dedication to excel in the areas of Politics and international affairs.

Beyond the academia paradigm, I participated in numerous social impact projects. I and two other colleague founded the largest academic platform at the Lagos State University, known as EXCEL MINDS Academic Group, which housed over 4,000 members, a platform on which we provided free academic services, coming in the form of organizing seminars, conducting trainings, facilitating top notch tutorials, preaching self-development and personal growth, all in propagation of SDGs 4 (Quality Education). I was also a students’ union president at the departmental level. Aside my campus commitments, I held various positions beyond the academia, all of which broadened my horizon to not only think within the four (4) walls of a classroom, but to always push frontiers, well outside the confinement of the university system. This is one undertaking and commitment I am certain to embrace as I journey through my academic and professional sojourn.

My mission is to develop myself as a researcher and value-adding political analyst, diplomat or international relations expert, who contributes significantly to the knowledge of my field, and the prospect of studying politics truly excites me and I look forward to the opportunity to stimulate my interest. I believe that studying politics will be an immensely valuable experience and I intend on pursuing one of the many possibilities the course will open for me.

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The role of Artificial intelligence to politics


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