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Politics is an integral part of humanity as it has shaped the contemporary world, forming and shaping civilisations whilst destroying the mightiest of nations. It has been used to control the masses yet is responsible for liberating the most oppressed. The very question of uncertainty in politics compels me to probe deeper in order to discover how the political framework operates which is responsible for how we live our lives. The moment we open our eyes, we find ourselves enveloped in the vast political web. How then can politics be overlooked one may ask when almost every issue from domestic to international affairs is related to this subject? Thus, it is my aspiration to attain a Politics degree to understand politics and pursue a career related to this discipline.

Having studied different political ideologies it became apparent that this is the most important factor in shaping societies. The policy making of political parties is dependent upon ideologies which appeal to the masses and reading 'Political Ideologies: an introduction' by Andrew Heywood helped me understand and develop my knowledge further. Fascism in Germany led by Adolf Hitler was a sign of progress and economic stability for the German people who placed complete trust in their government yet it gave way to some of the most notorious crimes known to humankind exterminating millions in the name of religion and race, causing World War II responsible for bereavement on a mammoth scale. Aspects of political theory especially liberal democracy is my favourite and is fascinating therefore I would like to discover how it operates and whether indeed one has any individual liberty? Or to what extent freedom of expression is legitimate? To grasp the basic concepts of political theory I have read 'Political Theory: an introduction' also by Andrew Heywood which has expanded my knowledge and has given me an insight into political theory and its effects on society. I keep up to date with developments within the subject by regularly reading articles by Robert Fisk in The Independent.

I have had the privilege of visiting Auschwitz-Birkaneau concentration camp as one of only two people selected from my college to bring back the experience in order to educate the local community. The two day conference at Aston University comprised of interacting with students around the country and listening to a holocaust survivor as well as carrying out group presentation which enhanced my presentation skills while gaining greater insight in to the atrocities executed by a democratically elected Nazi government. I was invited by the BBC WM radio station for a live interview regarding the visit and was accredited with ten Level 4 Undergraduate CAT points from the University of Hull after having completed the course successfully. The visit also strengthened me as an individual and reinforced the idea that politics plays a very crucial role on individuals and society as a whole. Renaissance of the Conservative party under the leadership of David Cameron motivated me to enlist with the Conservative party on a local level. Attending conferences and regional meetings has provided me with vital information on party politics and its structure.

Volunteering for the British Red cross has enabled me to become a professional first aider whilst spreading awareness in the local community about poverty, organising charity events and constantly holding seminars for international first aiders has enhanced my sense of responsibility and commitment whilst improving my organisational, oratory and teamwork skills. My devotion and accountability is highlighted by the fact that I was a senior prefect in school and a college councilor whilst being part of the Territorial Army which has helped me stay healthy and active proving my determination to achieve set goals.

I am eager to pursue my passion for Politics at degree level and am determined to develop my knowledge. Hence, I look forward to engaging in academic and social aspects of University life.

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This personal statement was written by SRM for application in 2009.

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Please feel free to give me constructive criticisms as i am hoping to apply for a politics degree at University of York, Leeds University, University of Birmingham. Thanks


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V. very good!

up until you mentioned the fact that david cameron actually motivated you to do something...odd especially as The Independent is politically left-leaning and for people concerned with the enviroment not the..army/milatry

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