Politics and International Relations Personal Statement Example 13

Adopting my brother from Guatemala ignited my passion for justice. I was seven at the time, and my eyes were opened to devastating social inequity: families living in metal shacks lined the highway, and when my parents asked to see the neighborhood in which James was born, our lawyer said that it would be unsafe for us to visit. When I witnessed the United States 2016 Presidential Election, which opened hurtful divisions among the American people and threatened the equality promised in democratic societies, I resolved to study Politics and International Relations. I am committed to mastering the skills needed to amplify disenfranchised voices and create more inclusive and equitable societies. My passion for Politics and International Relations will be strengthened by studying abroad at a British university. I am eager to study at a university where my degree choice is targeted and the modules are intensive, where I have the opportunity to write a dissertation, and where I will engage deeply with my tutors. A degree in Politics and International Relations will be the most effective way for me to make positive changes in global politics.

As a high school student during this time of political unrest, I have taken initiative to educate myself on current issues. I avidly read The New York Times and The New Yorker and closely followed the debates preceding the presidential election. My two favorite articles from The New Yorker include An American Tragedy, in which David Remnick articulates the shock I felt following the election, and 2016's Manifest Misogyny, because understanding the sexism Hillary Clinton experienced during her political career solidified the respect I have for her. I believe not only in reading about these events, however, but in actively contributing my voice. For example, I will be attending the Women's March in Seattle, Washington on the 21st of January. My involvement in activism and in the current intellectual dialogue has enriched my knowledge of politics, and has emphasized my belief in engaged citizenship.

I also demonstrate my commitment to economic and social justice by volunteering as a youth tutor for Neighborhood House, a multi-service organization that supports immigrants living in low income housing. I lead group activities, provide homework support, and help children strengthen their reading and math skills. Additionally, my efforts to start a Model UN Club at my school were motivated by my interest in learning about diplomacy and contributing as a world citizen. I also explored criminal justice by joining the Seattle-Tacoma Police Explorers, a local police job-shadowing program in which I attended lectures on criminal investigation and assisted in organizing city events. I believe in developing a thorough understanding of social dilemmas through intensive study and experiential learning. I also possess the character to thrive in the intensive British system. Through sport, I developed the resilience needed to overcome adversity and succeed in a rigorous environment. Despite suffering a severe concussion in 2013 that prevented me from playing football (soccer) for a year, I was recently selected to play for a professional developmental team, the Seattle Reign Academy, under technical director Tracey Kevins, former England Women's Youth National Coach. We compete in the Elite Clubs National League - the highest level of competition for female footballers in the U.S. Playing football at this level proves not only my dedication and grit, but my belief in the importance of excelling in academics and athletics.

Deepening my knowledge of the political world through both academic and extracurricular activities inspires me to improve lives in the United States and internationally. I am a woman of action, and admittance to a British university would provide me with the superb education I need to pursue my dream of working as an ambassador for justice and equality.

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