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Studying politics will help me engage further in the area that I have been especially interested in since I joined the Campaign Staff of Pete Aguilar, the Congressman for the 31st District of California back in 2014. I decided to do so during my temporary stay in the United States as an exchange student. I had been interested in Politics before, and as my young age, as well as well as my lack of US citizenship disabled me from voting, this was the only way I could participate in that election cycle. During the campaign I helped organise the office, and took part in the phone banks, calling people on the voter roll discussing the policies of
the candidate I supported. This greatly improved my understanding of the political process in countries that use the English law system.

Having continued to take part in numerous political projects ever since, the biggest one being Raszynska Model United Nations, where I was the President of the General Assembly, as well as the head organiser. My responsibilities included organising the venue, preparing the guest speakers, as well as moderating the debate in the General Assembly. I believe that this was a very successful conference, and it allowed me to further develop my leadership and teamwork skills, as I have organised it in cooperation with my peers. It has also developed my organizing skills, as we have received support from numerous organizations and companies, as well as a patronage from the Mayor of Warsaw.

I have also been engaged in my school's democratic institutions. I have been a member of the electoral commission from 2011 to 2016, with the exception of the year 2014, when I was away. It should be noted that the governance system used in my school allows for a unique opportunity to learn politics, as a full tri-partite system is in use, with a school parliament, a council, and a court, where students, parents, and teachers have equal voting rights. It is also one of two schools in the world to have a written constitution.

As my school does not provide a course oriented in politics, I have decided to write my Extended Essay in this area: the politics of the Security Council. I have found, 'The United Nations Security Council and War' by Lowe, Roberts, Welsh, and Zaum, particularly interesting ,with its coverage of war in ex-Yugoslavia by Ms.Woodward and Mr.Smith as the most thought-provoking. I have also enjoyed 'Born in the GDR' by Ms. Hester Vaizey, focusing on former citizens of the GDR and their transitions into the Western system, as well as changes
in everyday lives, an area which is not widely explored.

I have also been able to focus on politics within the area of mathematics, in which I have decided to write my Internal Assessment on the topic of the correlation between one's grades and Model United Nations attendance. This has allowed me to further explore the area of statistics, which I believe is crucial for the correct understanding of politics.

I am also very keen on exploring the current political situation of the world, and in order to do so, I subscribe The Guardian, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, as well as the Polish Gazeta Wyborcza. All of these papers allow me to see how the same situation may be perceived differently from different locations in the world.

I am sure that the universities in the United Kingdom can provide me with unique education opportunities, their expertise in the area of European politics in particular. That is why I particularly interested in studying in the U.K.

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