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Whether watching or participating, Sport can be fun, exciting and at times rewarding. This is a personal view, but it is likely to be a view which is shared by other people of all ages. My enthusiasm for Sport first came to light when I was picked to try out for the County Trials, in Netball. Even though I was unsuccessful, it still didn't prevent me from furthering my performance in Sport.

From an early age, my passion for Sport has continued to grow, and it is these qualities that I wish to channel towards a successful teaching career within Physical Education.

My passion is and has always been to become a fully qualified Secondary School Physical Education teacher and in doing so will channel my energy throughout the course.

Having studied Physical Education as a GCSE option and then studying a Public Service course at College, I have been able to gain a vast amount of knowledge and feel that studying a degree course at University will help provide me with the necessary skills and qualities.

Whilst studying at College, I was awarded the Community Sports Leadership Award (CSLA). Leading up to this award, I completed numerous hours of voluntary work, which involved me taking part in after school clubs within a Secondary School. This provided me with experience and more of an insight into teaching at Secondary level. After completing my College course I was awarded the 'Best Sports Performance' award.

I am very fortunate at the moment, as I am currently assisting Physical Education teachers at a Secondary School during lesson time. This opportunity provides me with a chance to work alongside qualified Physical Education teachers, planning lessons and gaining valuable hands on experience with children at Secondary School level. This has been extremely rewarding for me, as the feedback given from not only the Physical Education teachers but the pupils has been beneficial for my confidence and my encouragement, especially when I can see the pupils enjoying Physical Education.

The majority of my interest is towards Sport, whether it's watching or playing. My favorite Sport is Hockey and I currently train and play for my local Hockey Club. Being a part of this club has been enjoyable, as there are people who are of all ages and abilities which I train alongside. In participating in this Sport, it will hopefully help enable me to widen my skills within this Sport and in time perform to a higher level of those I train with. I have not only participated in Hockey, but I also play: Netball, Football, Athletics, Basketball and Tennis.

I not only play Sports, but I Swim, Walk, and Cycle along with socializing with friends and people of all age groups.

To be given the chance to study for a degree in Physical Education, would allow me to combine skills which I already posses, with the necessary skills and qualities which I will hopefully learn throughout the duration of the course.

I am a determined person who looks forward to getting to know the surroundings and challenges of University life and that of the course which I so strongly desire to be part of. I fully acknowledge the effort and commitment needed for a career such as this, but I strongly believe that I posses the desire and motivation which will help me to excel within this area.

I will be able to share my excitement with the pupils to make Physical Education lessons as enjoyable for them as it was for me.

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