Early Childhood Studies Personal Statement Example 3

My interest in young children first began my niece was born while my sister was still living with us.

On a daily basis I would help care for the baby and I gained a large sense of my responsibility over those four years.

Due to this, I have had a growing aspiration to work with young children. I feel that the first few years of a baby's life need numerous positive role models.

I have chosen to apply for this course because I consider myself to be a very maternal person and I believe this work to be enormously rewarding. Therefore I am expecting to pursue a career with young children, preferably those aged from birth to 5 years.

I undertook work experience for Liverpool City Council working in the Planning and Building Control Department for a fortnight during March 2006. I carried out general administration including, filing, photocopying, faxing and answering phone calls.

I feel this has developed my organisational and communication skills. In addition to this, I enhanced my computer literacy by performing data entry tasks, printing, using the intranet and typing letters. This experience has helped me to work independently and to use my initiative when required.

Throughout summer 2008 I worked as a volunteer at Sefton Resource Centre for young people with disabilities. I worked with young children ranging from ages 3 to 8. I embarked on necessary training needed to care for the children in accordance to their disability and age. During this experience my sense of responsibility increased.

This was because I had to keep watch of at least two children who, because of their disability, had no real sense of danger. As well as this, I feel that I now have a greater amount of empathy for the parents because I had experienced only a few hours a week of their primary responsibility and their children's need for dependency.

I was assigned one child each day in which I was expected to take full responsibility for, this would be during trips to places such as the swimming baths and even when on site. Although I found this to be difficult on some occasions, I enjoyed it and I formed a strong bond with a fair few of the children.

I am currently applying for voluntary work experience for multiple other nurseries within Liverpool, those including The Little Georgian Day Nursery in the City Centre and put in another application for Sefton Resource Centre.

Since I can remember, I have always had an understanding of those with disabilities. My cousin has moderate learning difficulties which has a large affect on her mental age; I frequently visit her and find that I enjoy being in her company as she is a very optimistic person.

Furthermore, one of my close friends previously starred in a documentary for BBC 3's Beauty Season which was centred around society's perceptions of beauty, as she has lived with Apert syndrome she has experienced many feelings of seclusion and situations of negativity, such as bullying.

I found that these situations made her a stronger person and my friends and I have helped her through her recovery from over 20 operations. I have high expectations and a large amount of respect for her and every other person who suffers from physical or mental disabilities.

I was previously a member of Liverpool's Team Oasis at Greenbank Sports Academy in which I participated in performing arts activities, such as acting, dancing and singing.

From this I gained confidence and was able to improve my speaking skills, which has helped me speak in front of large audiences with ease.

This has proven to be useful when doing a school assembly for years seven and eight explaining the importance of recycling and keeping the environment green.

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