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As an Early Childhood Studies graduate I feel achieving the Early Year's Professional Status is a natural progression in my career in order to become a competent and professional practitioner. I view the opportunity to gain the status as contributing to high quality practice and raising the standards in the Early Years and making a difference, with the children's holistic development at the centre, enabling them to reach their full learning potential.

As an independent, self-motivated and tactful individual I feel such personal qualities will enable me to be an effective practitioner, along with good communication skills, empathy and honesty when working in partnership with parents and carers and in multi-disciplinary team working. I feel I am also enthusiastic and creative which are vital assets when working with children in the Early Years. I enjoy the responsibility and the challenge of working with children.

Throughout the BA in Early Childhood Studies and a previous level 2 in Childcare and Education, I have experienced several work based placements which has given me the opportunity to extend my theoretical knowledge with practical, thus enabling a more holistic understanding of child development and relevant curriculum's. These placements have included age ranges from the Birth to Three and Foundation Stage curriculum's and Key stage 1 of the National Curriculum. However, a majority of my time has been spent in a primary school, which is why I feel I would benefit greatly from EYPS as this can further develop my knowledge, skills and understanding with the younger age groups.

Undertaking the degree in Early Childhood Studies has given me a breadth and depth of knowledge of the multi-faceted area of the Early Years and the implications for those who work in this field. For example, referring to the standard S03, through various modules and assignments on the course I have demonstrated my understanding of how a child's learning and development is affected by his or her environment and how vital it is to consider this at all times and particularly if any problems arise. Also over the duration of the course I have had to undertake reflective journals which I believe are imperative to best practice, as it enables the practitioner to develop reflective practice to identify strengths and weaknesses and areas needing change both personally and setting wide. Again, referring to another standard, relationships with children, I feel I have knowledge and insight into this area as I carried out a dissertation in the area of emotional literacy, which is hugely focused upon children's rights and the right to be heard and the impacts this can have if not respected.

As previously noted, I feel I have gained hugely from undertaking the BA and would now appreciate the opportunity to further my qualifications to the highest in the Early Years Field

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This personal statement was written by annalise_27 for application in 2008.


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this has really helped me

this has really helped me thankyou :)

very well done annalise, this

very well done annalise, this has really helped me. thank you thank you;)

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