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I have wanted to pursue a career in Primary Education for several years now. I also greatly enjoy my studies of English, having achieved A grades at AS level in both English Literature and English Language, which is why I wish to study this as a specialism. I have a love of children, and there are many reasons why a career in this field appeals to me. I enjoy interaction with children on their own level, gaining insight into their perceptions and how they see the world. The idea of playing an active role in helping them develop, greatly appeals to me. I gain huge satisfaction from being able to help them learn and discover new things about the world. I also believe that it is a great challenge trying to put across a new concept so that a group of children, who previously did not understand, now do. I want to enable children to have fun at school and make the most of their primary school days, and not to find school boring or a waste of time

I also like the idea of having personal responsibility over a group of children, seeing them through a year, and witnessing them improving

I have had many varied experiences related to teaching, which have strengthened my desire to follow this career. I currently have a part-time job at "Eureka! The Museum for Children", which I have held since February 2001. My job allows me to interact with many different children and adults, of varying ages, across a range of different backgrounds. A major part of my role involves enabling families and teachers to gain the most educational value from the exhibits, although my other day-to-day activities include teaching through role-play, managing and maintaining a classroom environment, and interacting with Foundation Stage children and their parents in the pre-school classroom. My work at "Eureka!" has taught me many things, most notably patience and the ability to keep calm

I assist at "badgers", the junior section of St John Ambulance. I have joint responsibility for a badger set, in which I have to keep the children entertained, help them follow a set course, and maintain discipline. I enjoy this because it involves the same children every week, giving me the opportunity to get to know them, watch them develop, and earn their respect. I am also an adult member of St John Ambulance, and I am aiming to gain my First Aid at Work qualification

At school I am a prefect to a form of Year 7 children. I have joint responsibility for taking care of them in place of their form teacher, on a weekly basis

In July and August 2002, I assisted at a two-week remedial summer school at Warley Rd Primary. I gained a lot from this, witnessing literacy and ICT with Year 5 pupils, and supervising on out-of-school trips. This, alongside my work experience in St Joseph's RC Primary in October 2000, has given me a good insight into the practical running of a school

In September 2002 I was in a team that came second nationally in the STEM website awards. I had to create an educational resource; my responsibility was the section for the Primary age phase. I found this useful as it made me look at things from the point of view of a teacher, creating teaching resources and activities I felt would be useful, and creating information pages that were easily accessible and understandable for KS1 and KS2 children. I also tried to link it as much as possible to National Curriculum ideas

I am currently a very active member of the school charity committee and have assisted in the organisation and implementation of many charity events

I feel that my experience and enthusiasm for Primary teaching would make this a fulfilling and rewarding career.

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very good



Not bad, but I feel that

Not bad, but I feel that experience is not the only aspect that is going to get you a job within primary education. There is not much mentioned within this statement regarding curriculum qualifications. You will need more than English.

Almost every senternce starts

Almost every senternce starts with "I" mabye you want to think up some different sentence structures, especially as you are interested in english!

I'm very impressed. Some

I'm very impressed. Some people are so harsh with their comments. I think you're suited for the career x

All the experience is great

All the experience is great but the structure of the statement seems to repeat itself rather alot. There doesn't seem to be great enthusiasm just a big list of every thing they have done

there are no .'s at the end

there are no .'s at the end of the paragraphs? i agree, too many I's and some ideas maybe need to be developed? you definatly have the experience to get accepted, just improve this a bit and you'll be in!

good !!

good !!

This statement is very good,

This statement is very good, all information is very clear and easy to understand, however more qualifications will be needed!!!!!!!


Very good an i am impressed

Very good an i am impressed at how much work experiance you have achieved. I am also looking into a career as a primary teacher and am having some difficulties writing my opening paragraph :( any advice anyone could give me would be greatly aprecciated



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I think this is a real great blog. Really Great.

This is brilliant!

This is brilliant!

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