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Having a long term goal of working with children, I believe I am particularly suited to a degree in primary education. Coming from a large family with children and pets, I have always been a responsible individual, enjoying babysitting and helping with homework, seeing them as activities rather than chores. I am interested in the development of children, and with the recent arrival of my niece I have been fascinated at how quickly they learn things. This is therefore the main reason for being so passionate about pursuing a career in primary education.

During my academic years I completed 11 GCSEs, gaining A-C grades in all subjects. I achieved two A Levels in religious studies and health and social care, and am very passionate about both subjects. I enjoyed learning about cultures, traditions, and how everyone has different values and beliefs. I gained so much knowledge in health and social care and thoroughly enjoyed learning about the development of young children. For this subject, we had a placement in a nursery which provided me with an excellent opportunity to learn about the behaviour of children. I became responsible and developed good communication skills with staff, preparing me for a real career. I had a real sense of happiness and satisfaction when the children listened, responded, and looked up to me.

I have also had experience volunteering with the millennium volunteers. I visited several primary schools and libraries in Kent, providing children with activities in a safe environment. I particularly enjoyed working in an after school club, and summer club at the same school, because I got to know the children and was able to watch them grow and learn, which I found very worthwhile and rewarding.

At my secondary school, my friends and I created an idea, which we put forward to the head teacher, of a film club, somewhere to sit inside away from the cold and watch a film during the lunch break. We were given the go ahead and it ran very successfully for two years. We were in charge of looking after the younger pupils and setting an example by keeping the room tidy. While at school, we took part in many charity events and raised much money for various charities such as a bazaar for Cancer Research UK and a 10km run for VSU Millennium Volunteers. This work took dedication, organisation and was a real challenge to try and raise as much money as we could.

I currently work in a care home for the elderly, which can be tough at times but very rewarding. I've improved my skills in teamwork, empathy, and dealing with emotional experiences. I have made lifetime friends and have really appreciated the opportunities given to me. During the four years working here, I have achieved certificates in health and safety, infection control, and first aid, which I feel are beneficial when working with other people. Since having a job, my communication skills have improved greatly and I have really learned what it means to have responsibilities and be mature. I am currently working towards a diploma in health and social care level 3 to help me become a senior care assistant, however my ambition has always been to work with children.

In my free time I have learned to drive, giving me a lot more freedom, independence and the opportunity to travel. I am a member of a local horticultural society with my family, where members put forward entries of plants, vegetables and domestic science, Also it gives us all a chance to catch up, talk about our entries, and help with displays. In 2010 I won a trophy for the ladies newcomers category. Another passion of mine is my animals.

I am very fond of my tropical fish, African pygmy hedgehog, two chickens, two cats, and two guinea pigs. I love caring for unusual pets, and am very enthusiastic about how they behave. I think animals can be very therapeutic and that children would agree at how fascinating they are. I enjoy going out and looking nice, so I decided to take courses in nail enhancements and spray tans. I like being creative and finding new styles, and also helping people to look their best. It feels very rewarding when someone tells me I've done a good job and they come back for more treatments.

I believe my achievements show I am a hardworking, dedicated individual, who can commit to this course. I look forward to new experiences and gaining further knowledge in the development of children. I enjoy a challenge and would love the opportunity to have my own classroom to make learning creative, exciting and above all, fun. I am confident that being able to complete this course will enable me to pursue the career I have always wanted and become a primary school teacher.

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This personal statement was written by rozseale for application in 2012.

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This is my first draft, I just want to know what others think. Please help me out as I'm really struggling! xx


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