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Confidence and good communication skills have continuously helped me to interact well with people. Having had many jobs that involve contact with the public, I feel this has allowed me to better these skills through situations that have sometimes challenged me. I have always known that I wanted to work in Education, and through my experience at Looe Primary School I have learnt that these qualities are essential when in a class environment.

I was thrilled when I was given the opportunity to spend the day during Ofsted assisting a Year 3 boy with Cerebral Palsy. Aside from the fact that this child was so happy and outgoing, it really encouraged me to see how eager he and his peers were to learn, and I was delighted when they asked me questions and I was able to contribute to their learning process. Furthermore, volunteering to help with the pre-Ofsted weekend helped me to better understand the additional work that is involved in teaching. I observed lesson planning, marking and helped with general admin. When the option arose for me to sit in on a lesson in which the teacher would be observed by an inspector I jumped at the chance. I feel this was invaluable.

Recently I shadowed a teacher for a day, taking a Year 3 class for P.E and working in a Year 2 class, where I assisted with Literacy and Numeracy. It was intriguing to see the different ways children process information and the methods used to excite them about these important subjects. One of my main interests is reading. I have always enjoyed English throughout school, something that was undoubtedly encouraged and nurtured at primary level. My favourite genre as a child was fiction as I loved to create stories. The ability to conjure characters out of nothing and bestow upon them personal qualities gave me a sense of freedom. Now as an adult I get pleasure from many different styles of writing. Recently I have enjoyed books written by people from other cultures such as Khaled Hosseini whose book The Kite Runner had a profound effect on me. The opportunity to inspire this passion for reading in children is one that I would find greatly rewarding. Drama was also very important to me through my primary and secondary education. Performing in front of an audience of people, most notably at the Theatre Royal and Hall for Cornwall, helped to develop my proficiency in communication and fuelled my outgoing personality. Studying scripts and committing the words to memory undeniably assisted my understanding and appreciation for the written word. As a teacher Drama would be prominent in my method of developing children's English skills.

Before July I hope to have completed some time in a foundation class. My involvement with Key Stages 1 and 2 has been very positive, but I wish to gain a full understanding of the different aspects of teaching life.

Coming from a family where both my parents are primary teachers I have been brought up continuously aware of the good but sometimes difficult aspects of their jobs. I feel this has allowed me to achieve an objective view of education as a career and therefore I am able to make an informed decision that this is the path I want to take. The idea of having a job that would develop over the years, allowing for progression and expansion really excites me. I am always willing to listen to new ideas and welcome a challenge. Having my own class, getting to know each student as an individual and witnessing them advance through their primary education, I believe, would undoubtedly be a worthwhile career.

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