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I first realised that I wanted my future career to be based around working with children completely by accident. I had started a college course which wasn't right for me, and had left during the first year. I then spent several months agonising over what to take the following September, with no feeling of direction. After flicking through what felt like millions of college prospectuses, my eye landed on the childcare and early years section. It had never once occurred to me to go into the Early Years sector before, but for some reason, right at that moment, it just seemed like the right decision to make. I arrived for my first lesson that September, with no idea what to expect and wondering if I'd made the right decision. As soon as the teacher started speaking, I was captivated, and I never looked back.
I have always been an extremely curious person, fascinated by people and nature and what makes it all tick. There is nothing, in my opinion, much more fascinating than a child. Watching them grow, develop and learn is one of the most humbling experiences a person can have - there is nothing quite like it to make you realise how precious life is.
I am a very passionate person - an attribute which is at its peak when it comes to certain issues surrounding children. My passion and determination to make positive changes for children and to get to a position in which I am capable of doing so is certainly something which helped me through the second year of my college course, which was made more challenging by my becoming pregnant early in the year. Despite my tutor's advice to lower my expectations and aim for a pass, I continued working towards my goal of triple distinction - which I eventually achieved the following December.
My daughter has changed and matured me in many ways, and has instilled the firm belief in me that children can teach adults just as much about the world as adults can teach children! I am now able to view the world from an entirely different perspective - from that as a mother, and I feel I now have additional wisdom and skills which would certainly benefit me when working in the Early Years sector.
As I have been a full-time Mum since finishing college, I have not yet started work - however I am planning to find a job in the Early Years sector with the qualifications I already have in the near future, which I will hopefully continue along side studying. To ensure that I continue to put into practice the skills I picked up through doing my college course, I have run a voluntary Parent and Toddler group at a local school for the past six months. I enjoy doing this immensely, as it gives me pleasure to know that the work I put into the group benefits the parents and children who attend. Running the group has most certainly improved my organisational skills, and I have put my imagination to good use through planning and putting into practice different arts and crafts activities each week, and thinking of healthy but varied snacks for the children to have.
I love to read and write, and enjoy doing both when I get any time to myself. I've always had a vivid imagination and love reading as it enables me to get lost in another world! Indeed, the colourful and vivid imagination that many children possess, and their seemingly endless innocence and faith in the world is something I have always found to be wonderful. I do believe that the first step to working with and for children successfully is to possess at least some of this imagination, and to be able to see and assess the world from a child's point of view.
My future plans are to study and to gain lots of experience in the Early Years field, until I am in a position where I am able to make real, positive changes for children, parents and professionals alike in the Early Years sector. I feel that my passion to do this, my knowledge, wisdom and love of children will enable me to achieve this goal.

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you should paragraph it, it

you should paragraph it, it looks too cluttered

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