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I was born in 1994 and was raised in Ghana, which is my country of origin. I also graduated from high school there, I really wanted to prove to my family that their efforts were not in vain. My family values a decent education; they are always supportive and they encouraged me to strive to fulfil my educational goals.

From 2015 to 2019, soon after graduation, I successfully enrol Bed Agriculture Science in University for Development Studies. Ghana. Apart from my curriculum program, I chose to attend a number of extracurricular classes to improve my teaching skills and prepare myself for further studies, I practiced regular teaching in high school, and actively supported family work within my community.

This was indeed an interesting period in my life because only then I realized that I have a good potential for leadership and teaching, especially, working with children as young as high-school age. Those young children got attached to me, and I also immensely benefitted from my interactions with them.

Leadership and Management Education means a lot to me, since my long-standing goal is to become a valuable leader in high school and to endeavour to improve the general education in Ghana. My present research and study interests include the Role of Parents Teachers Association (PTA) in teaching and learning of Agriculture Science in Savelugu Senior High School.

I am interested in this particular program because I want to become a professional, majoring in Educational Leadership. For me, to be a leader is to work together with scholars who are leaders in their field within the community. As a good leader, I will seek to provide a constant support to the community I live in and strengthen a commitment of service to it. However this will come after I have return to my home country to impact what I will learn at the masters level. My future career in University of Salford will profoundly depend on quality and professionalism. These are two main values I will strive to achieve and improve during my Master studies.

I shall therefore be very grateful when I am admitted to pursue this programme at University of Salford. In doing so you will not only be changing my life but that of a community, nation, continent and possibly the world as a whole.

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i want to study education in society


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