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Being the eldest of five I have always been surrounded by children and I have become a natural leader and carer. I think that education is a very important part of childhood, and I believe that primary school years are the most formative. All children are individual and unique, from their DNA to their fingerprints, and I believe this is the same for their experiences in the education system. My primary school experience was highly enjoyable, and my teachers are still some of my most admired role models. This is my motivation to become a primary school teacher. I aspire to be this figure for other children, and to participate in making their experience as enjoyable as mine. I am a very social person and love getting to know others. I have good communication skills and find it easy to relate and empathise with adults and children.

I have completed a week’s work experience in a primary school, assisting in the reception class doing activities helping children with Literacy. I also worked alongside the SEN coordinator and with children whom had a range of additional educational needs. This helped me be creative with the activities we planned as we had to tailor them to the children’s needs, making them interesting but still providing the educational content. This highlighted the importance of teamwork, and I feel I was a valued member of the team during my time there.

In addition to this I volunteer two afternoons a week in their after school club where I lead a range of activities, from craft to mini sports tournaments. There isn’t a set plan of what activities we do, so it has taught me how to be spontaneous and how to make quick decisions and problem solve effectively. I also have some experience helping in a secondary school textiles class as part of my Health and Social Care and Textiles courses. This taught me how versatile teaching is, and how all the skills I have learned are transferable through all teaching environments.

I am in the process of becoming a STEM ambassador, under the Psychology and design technology categories. I think it is important to implant my knowledge back into the education system to inspire others, especially with the supply and demand issue surrounding jobs in these areas.

Studying Psychology has been fascinating and has fuelled my drive to learn more about how people work and learn. Before I had never realised quite how complex the human mind and behaviours are. I particularly enjoyed modules we completed on attachment and gender, and I found the nature/nurture debate within these riveting.

In my Health and Social Care course an aspect I found intriguing is legislation surrounding the protection of children. It shocked me that until recently, little was done to protect them and I enjoyed learning about case studies and events that happened that initiated change in law. I have thoroughly enjoyed studying Health and Social Care as it has opened my eyes to the variety of roles there are within the sector, and how valuable these are.

I work in a children’s soft play centre for over two years, and have enjoyed the responsibility and commitment of having a job. I host parties alone, showing I am a well trusted member of staff. I have various duties within my role proving my versatility and willingness to learn and adapt to any job. I also recently started working in my village post office working in the shop and as a cashier, I enjoy being part of the local community and interacting with the customers.

I spent a lot of time in hospital care during 2014/15 due to health issues that resulted in surgery and a long rehabilitation program. This made me appreciate the work of the people in the health and social care profession. This has impacted on my academic performance, however I feel it has made me more resilient, and much more determined to achieve my goals. I am a very hardworking person and this makes me perfect for the degree and career I have chosen.

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This is my 4th draft off my statement and I've struggled to find any others relevant to my subject that I liked! Would love to hear any thoughts and criticisms! I'm unsure about the inclusion of the last paragraph, but my head of sixth form said to include how it has benefitted me to make up for the academic disruption it caused. Thanks!


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