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Pharmacy Personal Statement

I have always had a great interest in Science and Mathematics because of the impacts that both of these have on our daily lives. I have become fascinated by Pharmacy as a career because it brings together Chemistry and Maths and directly effects on the lives of people in the community. Pharmacists are now more actively involved with the patients and have become more accessible to the community and I am looking forward to the challenge of career that involves life long learning.

I have learnt valuable skills in the subjects I have taken which will be beneficial to a career in Pharmacy. In Chemistry, I have learnt an important skill in producing written and illustrated results from experiments. From this I am able to evaluate and modify these results. I enjoy the application of logical scientific thinking and knowledge of natural laws to analyse and solve problems occurring in Pharmacy. The practical side of Chemistry involving laboratory work was my main interest in this subject and would like to continue this work in helping others.

As a Pharmacist, you do require some skills in maths. With a knowledge of Mathematics I can analyse and solve problems and gained the skill of producing written and illustrated results for a mathematical problem. With Maths, I am able to calculate the accurate dosage of the drug which is required for the patient in relation to hospital pharmacy.

I can bring skills from Computing that can directly relate to a career in Pharmacy. A main skill developed is producing an analysis of a problem that can help in research work. Coursework in computing has enabled me to tackle complex subjects such as building a system via computer programming, I am confident this will be useful in a pharmacy degree.

I have pursued many activities that have given me experience in this field of study. I have encountered independent voluntary work for local Pharmacy branch located in Stretford. From this, I have learnt the insight of being a Community Pharmacist and dealing with prescriptions, which will prove valuable in the future.

I have advanced in my communication skills from part-time employment at Sport World International at Trafford Park. This has given me the opportunity to use my initiative and enabled me to interact with various kinds of situations with different people such as dealing with the consumer’s problems. This has helped me gain responsibility, which I know will be required in the career of Pharmacy.
With my studies aside, I have a passion for cricket and football.

My favourite pastimes involves playing cricket and listening to music of all genres. My ongoing hobbies include squash, snooker, gym and travelling when and wherever possible. I enjoy going to the gym which help improves my self-esteem and motivates me in doing my work.

Believing in yourself can help to establish your thoughts in a confident way. At university, I would like to contribute to university life, as this will be a new experience and I will look forward to meeting new people. I am a reliable, determined and enthusiastic person who will relish the opportunity to study pharmacy if I am given the opportunity.

Profile info

This personal statement was written by mayur32 for application in 2005.

mayur32's university choices
Liverpool John Moores University
Aston University
The University of Manchester
The University of Nottingham
The University of Sheffield
Lancaster University

Green: offer made
Red: no offer made


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Comment by guest at 00:00 28/10/2004

Hey, You're statements pretty good. Have you sent it off then? I'm also applying for pharmacy...I've only just finished my first draft! Did you alter yours much?

Comment by guest at 00:00 1/11/2004

Mayur this personal statemnt is great! i just wanted to know what are your predicted grades, wht are you hoping to achieve?

Hello! by at 2004-11-18 00:00:00

I dont know what to say! it's too good and you've already got a place in Aston good for you. i hope you get most of your other offers with a statement like that you deserve it!

Comment by at 2004-11-30 00:00:00

Hey, unlucky about Nottingham but it's great you got a place in Manchester. Not a bad statement either. Keep the offers coming!

Are you sure you got those offers? by guest at 00:00 12/08/2005

Sheffield dont do pharmacy!

grades? by guest at 00:00 19/08/2006

im going to be applying for pharmacy this year and ive just had my AS results. what grades did you get? and did ur AS results affect your places at university or were u still given condotional offers? please reply x

grades? by guest at 00:00 20/09/2006

hey i think ur personal statements really good compared to a lot of others ive read! i just wanted to know wot u got for ur AS grades and how ur finding pharmacy now? thankx

Comment by guest at 21:07 1/10/2006


Comment by guest at 01:14 20/11/2006

wow! I am also applying to the Pharmacy program and would like to get some tips on how to get started on the personal statement.

Comment by guest at 12:39 21/07/2007

Provides a good constructive base, but still needs a lot of work.

sou yee by guest at 15:22 25/09/2007

`nyc 1

mubin by guest at 15:23 25/09/2007

abhi by guest at 15:23 25/09/2007

Comment by guest at 12:38 5/10/2007

please can u help me with my statement because i know my written english is really weak,even i don't even know where to start from. please i need your help.can u just reply me via this address thanks with love.

wow its reli gud by guest at 18:18 8/10/2007

Comment by guest at 18:28 8/10/2007

i hav js strtd a2 nd am abwt 2 aply 4 pharmacy at uni a js wna kno wat grades u gt n if ders a gd chance of me gtn a conditional offer?am likely 2 gt estim8d abc...plzz reply a need ur helpp!!

Comment by guest at 10:45 15/10/2007

hey its great i think dont listen to other people they are jelous. as a mmater of fact maybe i need some help too. if u are not busy and have some time mind helping me. my email adress is thanks

Comment by guest at 18:49 24/10/2007

wow its brilliant, well done a lot of people are probably using urs as a base for their own... including me lol

Its really good by at 2007-10-30 21:22:19

hey i just wanted to say that i really like ur ps its really good i am hoping to get into pharmacy 2 but i just need a little bit of help with my personal statment if you would help that would be great. my email add is

i ne help,pliz! by guest at 17:05 31/10/2007

ur personal statment is 2 gud.amazing!!!!!!!i like it ....i'm applying 4 pharmacy cud u pliz help me out 2 rite down email address is reply plizzzzzzz

Comment by guest at 10:22 6/11/2007

ur personal statment is 2 gud.amazing!!!!!!!i like it ....i'm applying 4 pharmacy cud u pliz help me out 2 rite down email address is

sheffield? by guest at 13:13 8/11/2007

hi u ok m8! do sheffield do pharmacy?

need a personal statement by guest at 06:01 27/12/2007

hi,could u help me with a personal statement?I am also applying to get into pharmacy email addy is

Comment by guest at 19:50 11/01/2008

Sheffield dont do pharmacy so how can you apply there and be offered a place? :S

Paow by guest at 18:29 20/06/2008

Your personal statement is very good. I am a student in year 12.I haven't started writing my personal statement yet. English isn't my 1st language, so my english is weak.Can you please help me and give me some ideas.My email is

Paow by guest at 18:32 20/06/2008

My email is why do you want to study pharmacy?

Comment by guest at 09:55 28/06/2008

Have you done the BMAT and UKCAT? How was it? How do you register for BMAT?

Comment by guest at 22:07 6/09/2008

Being a pharmacist myself, I wouldn't admit someone with this PS. The author sounds like applying for the wrong course. Should apply for science instead of pharmacy.

Comment by guest at 12:48 1/10/2008

ARE YOU SERIOUS: id like to see you do beta!

Comment by guest at 17:01 4/10/2008

i need help in starting my personal statment

Ms F by guest at 12:20 6/10/2008


PLZ HELP by guest at 12:22 6/10/2008

My Email address is plz I need ur hellllllllp.

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idiots who commented.... by guest at 16:26 6/10/2008

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pharmacy? by guest at 19:55 6/10/2008

gd personal statemnt but seen better

Shut up fools by guest at 21:29 1/11/2008

if you want to act like a wannabe critic then show us your own p.s before you say anything you twats.

Comment by guest at 21:34 3/01/2009

Did you get in though? If so which university? and kinda grades did you have?

great stuff by guest at 12:16 18/09/2009

yo man wat a great personal statement,have you graduated already? i m just preparing to write my personal statement to study pharmacy,hope you can give me some hand outs

Response to wow by guest at 12:53 1/03/2010

beautiful.....??? are you bent

Comment by guest at 14:19 9/07/2010

really good personal statement, im also going to do pharmacy and have started my p.s.

Comment by guest at 14:21 3/08/2011

I swear you can only apply to five place for pharmacy?? Congrats though!!

Best Pharmacy Schools by at 2011-09-29 10:24:47

Thanks for offering such kind of inspirational story and sharing your expertise as I also want to do my career in medical field s I want to become pharmacist. Thanks a lot for including nice story on this topic.

wt!! by guest at 20:29 10/10/2011

is it a personal statement !!!

Comment by guest at 19:24 10/10/2012

its crap

A level grade by guest at 11:31 11/10/2012

I really wanna get into nottingham and i was wondering what the reason was that you didnt get in? What was your A level grade?

hojXXhzyI by guest at 16:41 23/07/2013

I value the blog article. Much obliged.

HzQxNpxe by guest at 18:10 24/07/2013

Say, you got a nice article post.Really looking forward to read more. Cool.

Comment by guest at 23:21 22/10/2013

This is absolutely terrible, and if you look at the last like 15 comments, they're all relatively the same. Most likely, its the author writing (poorly, mind you) reviews on their own essay. Poor english, very weak reasoning, I hope this was a joke