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Having grown up with parents that were both involved in medicine and pharmaceuticals, I developed a deep interest in their work and the effects it had on their patients and customers respectively. Seeing them at work, and witnessing the help they gave to sick people to regain their health or cope with pain, made me decide that I wanted to be part of this fascinating profession.
As I proceeded to secondary school I gained a better knowledge of the benefits and uses of medicine because of the science subjects I opted to study. I found Chemistry and Biology extremely interesting and so pursued them further in my two years of Senior school, achieving two A*’s in these subjects for my final exams. These results completely reassured me, and I became totally convinced that I wanted to become a Pharmacist.
From my perspective, Pharmacy is not merely about the production and dispensing of drugs, it is a lot more; it is a tool that is used to save lives. As a peer group educator for HIV and AIDS I have seen firsthand what a small pill can do to a person who has been ravaged by the disease to the near brink of death, and yet a few weeks later is able to survive. The media has even nicknamed this pill ‘The Lazarus Effect’, to show how powerful it is.
Drugs can also be used as an economic tool for countries by reducing the amount of people who normally would have died and by so doing increasing the amount of work done as well as profit made. Most importantly it is used for the welfare of people, as a large number of conditions such as cancer and auto immune diseases are threatening human beings; researchers are able to find effective drugs that can be used to save these lives. With this in mind I hope to explore innovatory drugs and their effects and new developments with my course in Pharmacy.
During the summer holidays I had the opportunity to work at a local Pharmacy and I gained a vast knowledge of various drugs, their classes, their characteristics, functions and side effects. I even became knowledgeable with drugs such as anti malarial, anti neoplastics and antibiotics, I interacted with customers, allowing me to catch up with the improvements these medicines were having on their health. These experiences added to my enthusiasm and convinced me overwhelmingly that my career should be in pharmacy.
Currently, I am pursuing my IB diploma, but I believe it is essential to carry out other activities outside academia and as such I have been an avid member of the GAIA group which deals with the environment and its inhabitants and ways to improve it, to a large extent it has helped as I have researched the origins of a large number of medicines from plants. In addition to that, I belong to the Outreach group which helps children in the local community school on Wednesdays. I have also been appointed a Bank Prefect to the bank within the School and this has helped me in terms of interaction and precision, something which is vitally important in the dispensing of drugs. I have also been appointed the prefect of our School chapel and am currently taking drum lessons and participate regularly in aerobics and cross-country track.
Eventually I would love to work in an international organisation which deals with the health of a vast majority, such as the WHO, as I hope to make a significant contribution to the eradication of diseases that threaten the world.
I hope that, if given the chance to study at University, I will excel not only in academics but also gain the experience that will help me help to to continue to develop a well-rounded and mature approach to life.

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hii really good PS you conved

hii really good PS you conved a great level of detail and passion for pharmacy and showed where you are aiming for in term of field of pharmacy.
did you succeed in getting a place???

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