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From a young age, being interested in sciences led me to realise this is the field that I would like to pursue. I have always found it fascinating how the human life could be influenced by pills, a spoon of syrup or an injection, how they have an impact when used individually or combined and how they manage to treat symptoms and cure diseases. Thinking back, this was only the beginning of my journey in choosing Pharmacology.

When entering secondary school my form teacher played an essential role in helping me get prepared for science oriented studies and make the most out of my capacities. Since Pharmacology brings together Biology and Chemistry and offers endless professional development opportunities, it made me want to be a part of this field of the scientific world.

Regarding my formal education, beginning with the third year of secondary school I started attending facultative Biology and Chemistry lessons where I had the opportunity to improve my problem-solving abilities, which require good critical, logical and analytical thinking as well as the ability to work under pressure during science activities and experiments. I also participated, as a coordinator, in the annual Science Fair, where we organised many spectacular experiments in a fun and kid-friendly manner, encouraging the younger ones to be more curious towards science.

To further enhance my knowledge in this chosen area, I attended some extracurricular activities. I had the opportunity to take a closer look into the pharmaceutical industry. Seeing how those powders and liquids are being compressed into a solid dose by using a tablet press machine and how every step is being mechanised was a mind-blowing experience. While I was taking part in various scientific investigations, I gained some practice and insight into the work of a research laboratory - by using modern laboratory equipment, we made active substance investigations and chemical composition analysis.

I have spent precious hours experimenting numerous reactions within the confines of the school laboratory. The one I enjoyed the most was titration, as I know it to be one of the most fundamental procedures in the pharmaceutical industry, mainly because it ensures quality control. Furthermore, doing detection tests of functional groups gave me the ability to recognise different organic substances.

Thanks to an EU project that my family has submitted a successful application for, a new pharmaceutical factory is going to be built in my hometown in the course of 2019. This is where I am planning to volunteer during the summer in order to get an even clearer perception of this industry. I believe this volunteering will prove valuable in my future studies.

In my opinion, in today's technology-oriented economy it is crucial to have adequate computing skills, therefore I am continuously improving my research skills by reading scientific articles so I am always up-to-date with the current advances in this field.

I enjoy spending my spare time wisely. I am an active member of the local Scouts association. Being a patrol leader for the past 5 years has helped me develop useful strategy, teamwork and leadership skills which I could benefit from in a potential scientific career. I have been practising canoeing at a professional level for 4 years now, which also requires strong ambition and devotion. I always used to have post-training muscular cramps, and it amazed me every time how a simple additional magnesium intake can make them disappear by maintaining a normal muscle function and energy metabolism! The fact that medication plays such a vital role in our daily lives, highlights the importance of Pharmacology.

I do know this degree may be challenging, but with the determination and persistence I have cultivated over the years I am confident that I will be able to overcome any obstacles I may encounter. I am self-motivated, I have conceptions regarding my future and I am driven to accomplish my goals.

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I'm applying from the EU (Hungary).


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