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Pharmacy might just seem like "counting pills" but, when you look deeper into the field, it is inevitable that this is a career devoted to the service of others. A pharmacist holds a pivotal role in the healthcare team; using expert knowledge of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics to advise patients and other healthcare professionals on drugs and interactions. One of the things that drew me to pharmacy is that it would enable me to use my scientific knowledge and healthcare skills to help others with their day-to-day problems. The pharmaceutical industry is moulding beyond recognition, particularly with advances such as precision medicine. The future of pharmacists is no doubt an exciting one that I would be honoured to be a part of.

To enhance my knowledge on how the pharmacy works, I completed work experience in summer 2015. My duties included shadowing the pharmacist, maintaining stock of prescription drugs, handling deliveries, organising paperwork and filing/counting prescriptions. During my placement I realised that pharmacists face new challenges daily and that the job is not easy. The skills I have gained are organisation, cooperation and ability to get things done on time. This beneficial experience taught me that pharmacy is very rewarding; it is centred on precision, community pharmacists build bonds with patients and most importantly that pharmacy is for me. I was employed as an optical assistant. This enabled me to use my knowledge in order to help and advise the customer with enquiries and enhance my patient communication skills. I went further in exercising my communication and healthcare skills by shadowing and assisting nurses providing palliative home-care for those in their twilight years. My duties included engaging in conversations, offering to make a cup of tea and tidying up. From this experience I was delighted to earn a non-material reward whilst helping others.

I enjoy science because it defines me, this subject is always seeking to push the boundaries and discover more about the ever-adapting world we live in today. My current A Levels have given me skills that undoubtedly relate to the MPharm course. In particular, the skills I have gained in Chemistry include numeracy, problem solving, an understanding of medicinal chemistry and gathering results from experiments which has given me good attention to detail. During the module, "what's in a medicine?" we look at drugs, various trials they have to go through and manufacturing aspirin. This has provided me with an appreciation of the nature of drugs that pharmacists have to deal with. Additionally, a study of Philosophy has given analytical systematic essay writing skills which are important for any university student. In Religious studies, we cover topics such as utilitarianism which would look at the cost/ benefit used to price drugs by pharmaceutical companies before drugs hit the market and it has allowed me to appreciate the ethical side of the pharmaceutical industry. Studying Biology has catalysed my interest in pharmacy as I have learned about enzymes in the body and as part of my coursework I studied how Olanzapine can be used in treating schizophrenia, this furthered my scientific understanding and interest.

I have been involved in a multitude of different sports including hockey, athletics, squash, gym and mainly football for many years, representing my school teams. This is a way of me expressing myself and making a difference on the pitch and it has enhanced my co-operation, social and disciplinary skills. These reflect the qualities of pharmacists, as they work in a team along other health professionals such as GPs to provide the best possible care to those who need it and make a difference to people's lives. My goal is to eventually own a pharmacy practice within the community as I would be able to make an even bigger difference to the public. I appreciate that this will be challenging; however, with my dedication and perseverance, I see no reason why this is not possible.

I look forward to going to university as it would be a new experience; I look forward to meeting new people, living independently, managing my own finances and studying Pharmacy as this will prepare me for the professional world that awaits me on the frontline of healthcare.

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