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I would like to study pharmacy as I wish to play a part in providing medical assistance to the general public, but in also understanding how this process occurs. My enthusiasm in science highly interests me into learning about the production of drugs and their functions on the body.

I am currently gaining work experience at a local pharmacy. My tasks are to complete prescriptions, track orders, and serve customers. The diversifying role of a pharmacist has made the local pharmacy a source for advice and even weight management counselling. Having witnessed this, it has reinforced my decision to pursue a career in a community pharmacy, as I particularly like the idea of further specialisation following Pre-Reg.

Throughout studying A-Level Chemistry, a specific topic stood out: drug synthesis. Learning about the optical isomerism of thalidomide has enabled me to understand the serious implications if any detail of a drug isn’t vigorously tested. A-level Biology has improved my analytical skills to extract information and process it accordingly, whilst A-Level Mathematics has assisted in increasing my problem solving skills and numerical skills, which are essential for higher education. Having done a Chemistry AS-Level practical assignment, it allowed me to input all the practical skills acquired whilst doing experiments, and has also made me aware of the accuracy and precision that’s required in controlled reactions.

Tracking progress on modern research helps me to cross analyse my studies. A method in which I obtain this information, is by viewing documentaries, as it gives a closer analysis to detail on a topic, some of which cannot be covered by the A level syllabus. A specific current issue which I monitor closely is on the advancement of the use of cannabis for treating cancer. This debatable, if not controversial topic has had made leaps on the progress for a potential cure.

Completing the National Citizens Service Award has helped me to establish a social action project called “ProjectHomeNotAlone”, a group to raise awareness of homelessness in Leicester, as I’m very passionate about the issue. I was appointed manager of a meal event for the homeless community, and this highlighted my leadership and managerial skills. I take pride in volunteering and I’m currently working for a local Tamil youth organisation as a financial administrator and a sales assistant at a British Heart Foundation store. This has enabled me to improve my communication, time management and organisational skills, which I see as transferrable to other aspects in my life. In maintaining a part time job, it has given me an insight into the world of work. I appreciate the sense of responsibility and accountability that’s been granted to me, and I believe the attitude I have gained due to this will help me as a pharmacist to take greater strides in ensuring my work is carried out with the highest precision.

Outside of academia, I expand on my personal fitness by playing for a local football team and going to the gym. I’m very enthusiastic about cycling and helping others which has led me to plan and undertake a 40 mile cycling event for charity. Having completed the DofE Silver Award, I have found that camping is something that I enjoy, resulting in going camping regularly with friends and family in the countryside. Music is an additional interest, and this has encouraged me to become adept in the skills of music technology and playing the keyboard.

The pharmacist plays a pivotal role in today’s society. They are not only considered as a dispenser of medicine, but in my opinion, more so as a valued member of a community. Ultimately, with the MPharm degree, I will be able to subsidise my passion to assisting others along with broadening and strengthening my knowledge of the Sciences. With the variety of skills and knowledge I have gained over the past few years will enable me to study and develop myself to the fullest at university.

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So I've sent it off, but let me know what you guys think. I understand that it's not descriptive because I had a lot to say I decided to cut down on the intro and maximise on content. :)


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