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I have become attracted to Pharmacy as it combines Maths and Science together and shows how these subjects affect lives every day in a positive way. A Pharmacists role is very vital to ensure the right medicines are supplied in an effective way hence it will allow me to work with a range of patients to achieve a lifelong career as a Pharmacist.

I have gained valuable knowledge studying Chemistry, Biology and Maths which will be beneficial for the Pharmacy course. In Chemistry, I have done a series of experiments which require analytical and evaluative skills such as accurate reading when using burettes. I find the organic Chemistry module rather interesting as I enjoy studying the different reactions of aldehydes and ketones and how these reactions and organic products differ due to the different functional groups present in each compound. Another aspect of chemistry I enjoy is the purification of organic compounds.

I understand in the purification process the organic compound has to be distilled, recrystallized and dried. Similarly in industry, when this is done on a larger scale, it has to be ensured that these steps are done with caution to make sure that impurities are not left behind, as these impurities can cause certain side effects in medicines.

In my biology course I have really enjoyed learning about the functions of antibiotics and how they stop bacteria growing, and how horizontal and vertical bacterial resistance can form in the different and same species of bacteria. This is a very important aspect that will influence new antibiotic drug development to stop the specific bacteria from multiplying once again.

As a pharmacist, many mathematical skills are also required. Using maths, I can investigate and solve different problems that I may have with things such as supplying the right amount of dosage of a drug and also to calculate the right amount that is needed for a patient in accordance to his/her problem.

My week of work experience at the local Pharmacy was really inspiring; shadowing the Pharmacist and dealing with the different prescriptions given, was set to be really challenging and showed me how difficult the Pharmacists job can be, including giving advice to the patients and staff management. Other priorities at the Pharmacy included customer service and watching the Pharmacist carefully dispense medicines which I also saw as being valuable. I will be doing more work experience in the October holidays to really get an insight on the Pharmacists role in the Pharmacy.

I have also volunteered at my local mosque. This has given me the opportunity to communicate with all age groups including talking to the elders and getting involved with teaching the younger children. I have also taken part in work experience at the charity shop Oxfam. My main role at the Charity shop was to work in the eBay department where I had to take pictures of clothes and list them on eBay and to help in the warehouse, where I had to organise the packaging to make sure they were sent to right buyer.

From this, my ICT skills have improved as I have learnt how to create spreadsheets in excel. Furthermore, I have also taken part in voluntary work at the British Heart Foundation charity shop where my main responsibility was to move heavy furniture and household goods around the store and to attend to customer queries.

In my spare time, I have a great interest in sports including cricket and badminton which provide me with a healthy lifestyle. I also like socialising and having a good time with family and friends and also like meeting different people with different backgrounds to me. I am also very interested in cars.

I feel with the different experiences and motivations I have had in life, it has changed me into a very confident, hard-working and a determined candidate to succeed in my ultimate goal to become a professional Pharmacist.

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This personal statement was written by umarramzan for application in 2013.

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not the best personal statement in the world, took me a while to do put finally i got there :)


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Which Uni's did you apply for and from which ones did you get offers/rejections? any interviews?

Very Detailed But Your

Very Detailed But Your beating around the bush, bad in my eyes. you could improve by using rhetorical questions

A great personal statement

A great personal statement
what uni did you get into

some really good work

some really good work experience

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