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" Who so ever kills a human being it shall be as if he has killed all mankind, and who so ever saves the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved all mankind"(Qu'ran;Al Ma'dah:32). I believe Pharmacy relates to this quote from the Qu'ran as it is an area of science which uses the scientific knowledge of how a variety of chemicals work together to manipulate the bodies components while simultaneously contributing to an individuals well being. This appeals to me immensely. I am profoundly intrigued by how the evolution of science has contributed to the advancements of medications, such as how they function and how they influence society. The development of antibiotics have changed have how society see certain diseases, such as Tuberculosis. Medicines are not only used to save lives but also to improve the quality of lives. Insulin is such a medicine as its production has given millions the opportunity to live longer, stronger and free of suffering. It is the huge influence the Pharmaceutical industry has on society and the numerous opportunities it provides to improve an individuals well being which strengthens my belief that this is the career for me.

To further explore the world of pharmacy, I began to read articles in medical journals such as ' The Lancet' and in 'The Pharmaceutical Journal'. This has allowed me to keep up to date with recent breakthroughs in the medical sciences. After reading an article from the New England Journal of Medicine which involved a drug trial containing 71 patients who suffered from active Crohn's disease, demonstrated to me the physiological ability drugs have on the body. The study showed the placebo causing a 39 % improvement in the patients symptoms. This article also demonstrates the numerous opportunities the pharmaceutical industry provides to improve a patients quality of life and health, as well as reinforcing me that I want to strive in a career in Pharmacy.

Through work experience placements in a number of pharmacies, I have observed many of the essential practical aspects of a career in Pharmacy, including the processing of prescriptions and the importance of communication when discussing issues with drug administrations with members of the public. From my work experience placements I also learnt the importance of patient confidentiality, especially when seeing individuals receiving medications such as Methadone. I quickly realised the major influence a pharmacist has on society and certain patients,as well as seeing how it's the front line of health care.

My involvement with St John's Ambulance has allowed me to enhance my knowledge of first aid by providing me the opportunity to participate in first aid courses. By going out on duty, I was allowed to acquire interpersonal skills which have strengthened my communication and leadership. In addition, I gained the opportunity to see the importance of teamwork, understanding and empathy while interacting with patients during these duties.

Volunteering at a playground for children and young people with disabilities has allowed me to interact with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Working with disabled children was highly rewarding as it gave me the opportunity to help someone achieve something which they believed they couldn't and succeed, which I found to be absolutely inspirational. My understanding and empathy of individuals in a fragile state due to their health was enhanced while volunteering on the ward of -insert city name - Broadgreen hospital. The majority of patients were in a critical state and it was saddening to see them in such pain and agony, although relieving to see how beneficial their treatment was.

I am an independent and focused individual that is passionate about applying their knowledge, creativity and energy to diverse and demanding situations. Pharmacy is a highly rewarding career, both academically and emotionally, and I relish the opportunity to study such an dynamic and stimulating course.

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This personal statement was written by Hopeful pharmacist for application in 2013.

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Nottingham univeristy - interview
Queens Belfast university - conditional offer
Durham university - conditional offer
University of east anglia - interview although I had to withdraw before my interview date due to Norwich being too far away :(
Liverpool John moores university - interview


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Hi, was just wondering what

Hi, was just wondering what grades you got at AS level? And what university you got in to?

Really good!!

Loved how you used a quote from the Quran at the beginning! Very nicely done overall
I am also hoping to apply for pharmacy and I was just worrying about my as level results and if they would affect me
If you don't mind me asking what did you get for your as results and also what were the conditions the unis offered to you?
Thanks in advance!

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