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Pharmacy has the ability to change people’s lives. Whether it is at the level of the community pharmacist offering the best advice possible to common illnesses, to high-level research into drugs that could cure a range of chronic or life-threatening diseases, the role of the pharmacist cannot be overestimated. As a motivated and hardworking individual, with a desire to understand the fascinating human body along with a joy of helping other people, I strongly believe that studying pharmacy will give me one of the final and most important step towards a rewarding career in the developing field of pharmacy.

My passion in my A-Level subjects has strengthened my decision to study pharmacy. This is due to the fact that they have provided me with a wide range of skills and knowledge required for a degree in pharmacy. The practical and theoretical sides of Chemistry have given me a clear understanding of the organic, inorganic and physical aspects of the subject. The preparation of Aspirin is a topic I have particularly enjoyed and has only increased my interest in the way drugs are developed. Applied science has again helped me to learn the practical side but has also helped me to hand in my work on time. The biology aspect has given me a basic understanding of the human body and how it responds to certain diseases and environments around us. Lastly, Maths has provided me with the skills to analyse and solve problems. I have also gained the skill of producing written and illustrated results for a mathematical problem. So using Maths, I am able to calculate the accurate dosage of the drug which is required for the patient in relation to pharmacy.

I have completed two weeks work experience at different primary schools which has given me the opportunity to enhance my people’s skills. During these two weeks I was given a responsible position of taking care of the children, ensuring they were safe during their free times and making sure they completed their school work correctly. Also I had worked alongside the staff to organize different activities for the children and did admin work for them as well. I feel like I have handled my responsibility well and that during these weeks my communication and interpersonal skills have been developed.

I believe myself to be an honest, motivated, and responsible individual who is able to keep information private. In any work I do I am thorough, logical and careful, with an eye for detail. I feel I am a physically stable individual who can handle pressure due to courseworks and assignments I have completed since secondary till now. Outside of school I enjoy reading a variety of books from different genres which include mystery and horror. I have taken part in projects such as the Brilliant club where I had to combine my love for the sciences with literacy. This has developed how I communicate through my writing. During secondary I have participated in various fundraising activities for different charities. From this I hope you find me as a person who can be easily involved in anything which means that I will be equally interested and involved during my course and the university life. I also feel that I am a mentally strong person with a quiet personality, who is keen and able to work independently. As an observer I can come to conclusions quickly by approaching any situation by using creative methods. As pharmacy requires me to work with a wide variety of people therefore excellent communication skills are crucial for this course and I believe I possess these skills.

I have found that the variety of skills and experiences that I have gained have helped me to become self-motivated and an enthusiastic individual. I feel I have a wide range of skills which will help me throughout my university experience and I am looking forward to starting the next stage in my academic life. I have a great determination to succeed in my ultimate goal, and would like to face the challenges of university life.

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