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At eighteen years old, I did not possess an adequate knowledge of all the health care professions out there and I presumed pharmacy would be for me. As I was studying towards my biochemistry degree, I took my first step into healthcare as a pharmacy technician. [I acquired experience and developed higher-level people skills along with an abundance of patience.] I was content, though the patient interactions felt so brief. I started to yearn for a more involved/synergistic role, something that would require a hands-on approach. During this period, I found myself struggling, uncertain of my purpose, my grades were suffering, and I had never felt more disappointed.

As I reassessed my goals and who I aspired to be, I changed my studies to human development. I was enjoying my classes more as my grades were improving as well. My major required participation in human services, in which I volunteered at an adult care center and interned for the Vietnamese American Cancer Foundation. It opened my eyes to an unfamiliar area and it felt immensely gratifying to partake in. After I earned my bachelor’s degree, I was still unsure of what profession to pursue.

There was a period where I had attended physical therapy for an injury and it struck me with an interest in the therapy world. It influenced me to volunteer and I ended up obtaining an opportunity to become a physical therapy aide. I loved working with patients, assisting them with their exercise, seeing their progress, and most importantly, being able to form a vital relationship. There was something still missing for me, but this field was unknowingly leading me in the right direction.

I found myself discouraged and frustrated and I ended up buying a career guidance book, The Pathfinder. I spent several months reading, notating, reflecting and learning about my personality, strength, skills, weaknesses, and suitable career paths. I’m not sure why, but occupational therapy was always subconsciously highlighted as I looked over the list of professions. I decided to look into this and consequently, Occupational Therapy had everything that I ever wanted in a profession: the focus of well-rounded therapy, the emphasis on adaptability, hands-on approach, and importantly, the importance of life quality. I had always envisioned myself in a profession where I would be able to help others live an independent, meaningful, and fulfilling life. Not only does this profession present all the qualities that I hold true to my heart, it would allow me to work and grow with patients over a span of time.

To confirm my inspiration, I began volunteering at a hand therapy and pediatric therapy clinic. After watching the occupational therapists work collaboratively their patients, I have been able to witness first hand the small and large impacts. It felt so rewarding to hear a patient, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, say that he was able to print his name on his math exam earlier that day; even though a few weeks prior, he wasn’t able to write his name at all. It was simple, but it felt so meaningful and empowering to me.

This is the profession I have been searching/seeking for. Occupational therapy will provide the opportunity for me to uphold my defender personality: sensing, feeling, and judging traits. I know Occupational Therapy will allow the chance for me to improve the quality of life for many across the lifespan and at the same time, help me learn and grow as well.

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This is not my final draft, but it pretty much has everything I want to say. It's my first time writing this type of document and any feedback would be much appreciated.


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