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I believe everyone deserves the best quality of life possible and that being able to complete everyday tasks is a part of this. It is easy to take these tasks for granted and not consider the affect an inability to complete them would have. I want to be an occupational therapist as I believe that, by teaching skills and adapting environments, you can have a positive impact on someone's life. I want the opportunity to make a difference by helping people gain independence and increase in confidence. I want to be part of such a rewarding and diverse career; working closely with people and helping them to progress.

I feel my subjects have given me a good basis for studying at degree level, requiring me to be logical and work to deadlines as well as teaching me research and evaluative skills. History and religious studies have taught me to look beyond the obvious and determine underlying factors. I particularly enjoy learning about ethics in religious studies, looking at people's moral beliefs and why they hold them, and achieved one hundred percent in my AS ethics exam. Health and social care has taught me about cells, tissues and organs as well as how body systems interrelate. The way the body works interests me and I hope to further develop this knowledge.

My health and social care course gave me the opportunity to complete two placements. My first was at Birchwood primary school where I supported children in lessons. The next was in a Caretech home for people with disabilities. I accompanied patients on outings, shadowed carers and assisted with a craft session designed to improve the service user's fine motor skills. I found the session very rewarding and hope to use similar activities in my future career. Both placements taught me to effectively communicate with people of all ages and abilities, as well as how to encourage and support people in tasks which help them be independent. These skills will help me form a better rapport with service users as an occupational therapist.

I organised my own work experience including a week at Southfield special needs school; assisting in lessons, particularly with reading. This gave me an insight into how different disabilities impacted on the lives of the children, for some it affected concentration whilst others were unable to hold a pen properly. I want the opportunity to work with people to overcome such problems. I also volunteered for sixty hours on a ward at my local hospital. I spent time talking to patients as well as completing administrative and housekeeping tasks and assisting with meal service. Many patients had dementia and communicating with them allowed me to use my empathy, patience and compassion as they were often confused and felt vulnerable. I received positive feedback from the ward manager, describing me as 'a very caring and pleasant girl' as well as 'a very good communicator' who 'always wears a smile'.

I work in retail which has given me experience of responsibility in a working environment, as well as using my initiative. I advise customers on the products that best suit their needs, giving me experience of building a rapport with people I have never met before. I use problem solving and an understanding of the customer's situation when dealing with complaints and returns.

I have been having singing lessons for eight years which has taught me dedication and increased my confidence. By scheduling lessons and preparing for music exams, whilst working, volunteering and studying, I have learnt to manage my time effectively and prioritise my commitments. Research has shown the positive effects music has on the brain and so I hope to incorporate my experience of singing into my work as an occupational therapist.

Overall I feel that my hobbies, studies and work experience have provided me with the skills to become a good occupational therapist. My hard working and caring nature will help me learn to support and improve the lives of service users.

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This personal statement was written by otstudent for application in 2013.

Occupational Therapy at Oxford Brookes University

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Applied to:
Northampton - Offer recieved
Oxford Brookes - Offer accepted (I now attend)
Derby - Offer recieved
Canterbury - Offer recieved


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