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My own difficult and challenging journey has cultivated a desire to become an Occupational Therapist. As I was preparing to graduate from Murray State University in 2016, I sustained a spinal stroke which was life changing. I could no longer walk or take care of myself. I found through this personal tragedy that my heart’s desire was to help others regain a purposeful and meaningful life after experiencing such a loss, just like my Occupational Therapist did for me.

I have personally encountered what it means to be “the patient,” to place my future in the hands of another person. I know what it is like to become dependent on others and seeing your whole life change. I was truly inspired by the knowledge, care, and determination my O.T. had for my recovery. My aspiration is in being able to give that same encouragement and knowledge to promote recovery in the lives of others. This would not be just an occupation for me, but a passion that produces a rewarding life’s work.

Becoming an Occupational Therapist will take a great deal of hard work and determination. I have exhibited these qualities by completing my B.S. degree in Chemistry while also participating in 3 chemistry publications, being a research chemist, holding a summer intern position at Westlake Chemical, and serving as the Chemistry Department Student President and Secretary at MSU; as well as other numerous academic awards and activities listed on my resume.

My proficiency in mathematical and analytical disciplines will aid in researching innovative topics that would bolster Murray’s efforts to build this new program. Due to my academic capability and the struggle I overcame in my recovery, I am both disciplined and self-motivated to accomplish the challenge that OT school would be. This background experience will serve me to become an accomplished Occupational Therapist.

While academic and personal achievements are important, I feel they are not the most important aspect to becoming a proficient Occupational Therapist. I am a unique candidate because I’ve lived the life of the patient. I have discovered that having empathy for others placed in your care is the foundation of rehabilitation therapies. This, coupled with knowledge and professionalism, as well as being able to educate your patient, are all driving forces toward helping patients.

Building a rapport and earning their trust is also a necessary part of their recovery, as it is essential to gain their cooperation and inspire their motivation to put forth their best effort. I have learned these skills during my care, as well as during my Occupational Therapy observation and volunteer experiences.

It is my desire to attend the Occupational Therapy program at Murray State University and become part of your department’s legacy. I was born and raised in Paducah, Ky. I want to remain in this area and practice within my community. My goals are treating patients, participating in the research and development of treatment techniques, and earning my doctorate in the future.

My life’s story was interrupted briefly with a life-changing experience of disability. Now it is resolved, and through becoming an OT, it can be used in a positive way. I have regained full function because of my skilled and caring Occupational Therapist. Without this experience I would not have known the significance this profession has on the lives of others. This journey of self-discovery has led me to your program and I am excited that I have found my life’s ambition and meaning.

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Personal statement geared toward the prompt of "what experiences have brought you to becoming an occupational therapy, which ones would help you to becoming a good therapist?"


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