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I have always been interested in a career in the care industry and, after meeting with an experienced occupational therapist, I was sure that occupational therapy is a career suited to my personality and abilities. I am excited by the diverse nature of the work and the effect that meaningful activity can have in helping individuals improve their quality of life and achieve personal goals.

My interest was confirmed by my experience of the work that occupational therapists do. I was able to spend time shadowing individuals from a team of paediatric occupational therapists on several occasions. I was given a valuable insight into the different ways that they work; I have attended case study meetings and an art therapy group in a special school and also playgroups in a hospital setting for children with cerebral palsy. I was also able to observe home visits to children with autism, development coordination disorders and hemiplegia. Most importantly, I have seen and discussed how occupational therapists use exercises, equipment, and their own knowledge to help children to lead as normal a life as possible. As well as this, I am soon to begin volunteering on a stroke ward at a hospital. I hope that becoming familiar with patients and seeing what help is given to them by the occupational therapists who work there will give me an insight into OT in a hospital environment.

I have also gained experience working with elderly people. For the past year I have been employed part time in catering at a nursing home for elderly people, many with severe mental health problems. I have become familiar with a range of specialist equipment for individuals with problems such as arthritis and dysphagia, as well as the opportunity to help with activity groups and with a visiting dog therapist. Through this I have built relationships with residents and learnt how to communicate with older people, many with severe dementia. This has been a challenging but rewarding experience for me.

My communication skills have also developed through a range of activities. I volunteer in a children's nursery each week, as well as in the school's 'buddy reading' scheme where I help a number of Year 7 students with reading difficulties. I also did work experience for a week in a primary school. There I was asked to help the carer of a young girl with learning difficulties who struggled to engage in lessons. I was able to gain her trust and with my guidance she became happier working with others. This experience has given me confidence communicating with children, and I would love the opportunity to work with children and young people in the future.
Studying Biology, Psychology and Sociology A levels has helped me gain an understanding of people, both physically and on a more psychological level. I enjoy learning how people interact with one another individually and also in wider society. Chemistry has been a challenging but enjoyable subject for me, and in school I have been able to develop my understanding of different sciences, statistics and the importance of research.

I have been a member of Fire Cadets since 2008 where I have learnt a number of skills specific to the fire service, as well as basic first aid, team work skills and the ability to communicate and work under pressure. For my part in a community clean-up scheme run by the Local Police, I was recently awarded a 'Civic Award' from the local council, which was a great honour. Also, having achieved my bronze and silver awards, I am currently working towards my Gold Duke of Edinburgh. The scheme has taught me a lot about independence and the commitment needed to see the scheme through to completion.

I am looking forward to the challenges I will face at university, meeting new people, making a new start and to learning the skills that will eventually take me into an interesting and incredibly rewarding career in occupational therapy.

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This personal statement was written by coatmanwest for application in 2012.

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This is exactly as sent to ucas, only I've removed names of the places I work etc. After I sent this off I was invited to interviews from all of my 5 choices, given offers by four and recently accepted onto my first choice after A level results day.

I'm putting this online mainly because there's hardly any examples out there for occupational therapy personal statements, so I hope someone finds this one useful.


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Thanks this is a great

Thanks this is a great personal statement and ive found it really useful in structuring each paragraph. Really grateful!

A query

What all universities did you apply to?

Natalie (current A2 student)

Thank you, this has definitely helped me start my own personal statement, as I have been currently struggling with it! I just wished I had as much O.T work experience to add - I hope I find some ! :)

Which universities did you

Which universities did you apply to, offers and rejections please. It would be really helpful, thank you

This is brilliant! you are

This is brilliant! you are right when you say there aren't many personal statements on Occupational therapy...this has helped be structure my own qualifications and experiences and lay it out better. Thankyou :0) x


This helped me allot, I was pretty insecure of what to write but this guide me tons!
Thank you so much!

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