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The practice of using technology to enhance music has been at the heart of the innovations that see the art constantly evolving; both practically and creatively the combination allows us to reach new markets and I see myself as being part of this.

Having been brought up with a musical parent I was exposed to an education in the art form from a young age and have always aspired to pursue it as a career. I learnt bass guitar and piano in primary school but never settled on what I was taught in books and lessons; instead I sought to emulate the techniques of the musicians who inspired me and used this to develop my own playing style.

Alongside this I have long held a fascination for the recording process and the methods behind taking a single live performance and turning it into something so timeless; during high school I began setting up rudimentary recording systems, experimented with audio editing tools and how equipment could be used creatively.

The proof of this determination to learn more is in the experiences I’ve had, on my 16th birthday I built my own PC and setup a basic digital recording system as well as more recently setting up a recording studio in my house that revolved around a professional standard digital control room along with multiple live rooms and monitor mixes. Taking this practical approach has taught me how to effectively troubleshoot both the hardware and software aspects of the modern recording studio. Outside of studio work I have managed a yearly charity music event an arranged shows for my own band, requiring me to effectively advertise and manage the financial implications such as hiring venues, sound systems and lighting.

As a musician I have worked with several local bands as both a secondary bassist as well as a studio player which on top of my permanent band and solo projects has lead to me playing notable venues such as the HMV Institute and a showcase on BBC London. Being able to play a range of styles has further broadened my ability, giving me the confidence and versatility to put myself forward as well as giving me new ideas when I come to writing for myself.

And whilst writing, recording and performing original music for a living would be my ideal, I understand that it would be naive at best to solely rely on this.
I enjoy working as a member of a group however I don’t believe it offers much in the way of stability and because of that I want to use this course as a means of ensuring that I am capable of succeeding wherever the opportunity arises. In particular I have started to become more interested in electronics and have worked with bespoke methods such as circuit bending and building effects pedals into guitars, I enjoy taking an idea and using the principles of science to make it a reality. I would use your course to build on what I know and then look at how I can make a career using that knowledge; whether it’s developing a product or service or working for a reputable company.

Currently I’m on a gap year and I’m using it to push myself as a musician, having nearly always performed in music venues that I’m familiar with I plan to start performing on the street and be able to take this with me when I travel Europe in the spring. Furthermore I am starting to organise a two week tour of the south of England for my band along with aiming to achieve grade 6 Piano by next summer.

I see this course as being integral to my future; I know what I want to be doing in five years time and to get there I need the education your course provides.

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This personal statement was written by joshwtaylor for application in 2012.

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Applied for Glamorgan, UWE, York, Birmingham City, Manchester Met.


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