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After building a career in the music industry, albeit at grass roots level, it is now time for me to progress and take the next step on the ladder. This degree will offer me the chance to explore new areas of the industry, specifically composition, Film & TV and the gaming industry, whilst providing a sound base for a variety of job opportunities. As one of only two accredited degrees (JAMES) in the country, it will be the perfect platform for me to begin my journey. As my passion is for high quality audio in all its forms, I am open-minded as to where my degree will lead and excited by the possibilities. As a starting point, I hope to go into radio, concert sound or the BBC. Each providing an interesting and unique set of challenges.

I have now begun studying the subject I love so much in preparation. Based at the Leeds College of Music, I am currently working through a sound recording techniques course at Introduction level, with the advanced course to follow. As a taster for the degree, it could not be a more perfect way to confirm my desire. Although not an examined course, I do feel it to be a valuable and worthwhile experience, introducing me to Logic & Pro Tools, outboard effects and a new way of listening to sound. The results of this course will be ready around July upon completion. Additionally I have chosen to read The Recording Engineers & Mixing Engineers Handbooks by Bobby Olwinski to make sure I am up to speed for the first year.

During my career as a self employed entertainment co-ordinator and DJ, I have had the pleasure of working with some really great talent. The experiences gained have been invaluable and, more importantly, highly enjoyable and satisfying. There is nothing quite like the feeling of hearing a crowd cheer, knowing that, in some way, you were responsible. Largely self taught and with 12 years of live experience under my belt, there have been some memorable highs. Playing to a crowd of 3000 people for a Radio Aire sponsored charity event, for instance, was immense. Rarely have I played to such an enthusiastic set of people. This was at the time when I was working as a sub-contractor for a local firm, which also included a host of road shows and involvement in Outside Broadcasts for local radio stations. Throughout my career and life in general, there has always been an interest in music and the technology behind it and up until recently, PLASA were firm dates in my calendar. I have also been involved in community radio, having had my own slot in the afternoons. This was so much fun that I am in the process of joining Harrogate Hospital radio, be it on air or in the technical department. This particular station having plans to expand into other areas such as outside broadcasts.

Being self employed lends itself to the need to overcome problems and learn new skills very quickly. As a result, my skills include audio/visual repair, cleaning and servicing of equipment and basic audio editing and restoration. I have also built my own company website ( and designed all of my graphics and advertising materials. However, with the current economic climate in mind, I intend to scale down the business during my studies rather than close it completely. My hope is that it can be rebuilt at a later stage, should I have the time and opportunity. For now, my focus is on my studies and the short term future that lies ahead. The focus and drive to succeed I have for my business is easily and readily transferable and, combined with my experience stand me in good stead to succeed.

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This personal statement was written by Drew for application in 2009.

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I'm a mature student, so my approach was a little different. This is a continually edited version of the final draft...hopefully.


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amazing statement really makes me feel that you are pationate about it, good job.

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Nice personal statement, a thrilling read and has really helped me in the process. thanks alot

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cool m8

thanks a lot for this mate

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