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Having come from two extremely musical families, music has always been a prominent part of my life. My love for music developed from recording the radio onto cassettes when I was small, to wanting to know everything about how it all worked. Similarly, during secondary school, my interest in technology began to expand. Suddenly I had found two subjects (music and technology) that I was really passionate about. I went to a local music college to study Music Technology. This included practical and research based lessons in subjects such as Recording, Sequencing and Contextual Studies. I was in a college where the teaching was inspiring. The blend of the practical hands on tutoring, and informative research lessons left me motivated by the amount of input I was getting.

This academic fire, sparked by the college, inspired me to push myself, to succeed wherever I could. Studying the two subjects that I am most interested in, Music and Technology, is a great inspiration in itself. Being the ‘Year Representative’ for all three years of my college meant a lot to me. It was my responsibility to be a voice for the students at area meetings and localised college meetings with tutors. It gave me a chance to be actively involved and to put students’ point of view over about the course and the college. Due to my involvement with college I achieved distinction grades for both the technology and the research sides of my studies.

In my two gap years, straight after school, I showed that responsibility, and a courteous polite manner, had all been learnt after keeping a solid demanding catering job, dealing with the public and large private functions. The level of work was reflected when I was awarded employee of the month award in a company employing over one hundred people. Once in college I proved I still had these skills and proved that my time management skills were superb, by combining college and a part-time job and letting neither suffer. I also used this time to pursue my other past time. Snowboarding is something I really enjoy even though when I started I was not that good, I worked on my technique and improved. I love hobbies where you can see hard work and perseverance turn into positive results. Snowboarding is just one of them.

The course I am applying for looks perfect for me due to the combination of music with technology. I have always been pro-active in seeking ways to learn more about both these subjects from a young age. I got my first practical training when I volunteered to help with P.A. at my local church. In my time at my present college I have used my initiative to organize a placement with an audio hire company, helping setting up, sound check, monitor and pack away for a variety of different bands and acts. I have brought these skills back to my college where I have played an active part of promoting and setting up for college gigs and showcases. I also did a four-week placement at a local secondary school, introducing students to music technology and recording. I found this a valuable experience that made my passion to learn more about the subject increase and inspired me to begin looking at higher education.

I researched many courses and the practical side of the BSC really stood out for me, even though I am confident that I have the academic skills necessary to be successful on this degree course. I hope to be offered a place to learn as much as possible about a subject that I am passionate about. These are subjects that I am driven by, and I am confident that with this course I can succeed in gaining the necessary skills and knowledge to work in a successful music studio or media company such as the BBC. I am also looking forward to being an active member of the university community. I believe more than a minimum interest must be taken and working at an extracurricular level builds motivation, teamwork and allows the development of knowledge related to the subject to be much broader than if the bare minimum is done.

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This personal statement was written by jjames for application in 2007.

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I had a parents friend who marks ucas forms for six months every year look at it and she said it was top notch! Enjoy!


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"This academic fire, sparked

"This academic fire, sparked by the college, inspired me to push myself, to succeed wherever I could. "

....loved this line!

wow made my rough personal

wow made my rough personal statement, look really bad! thanks for the tips

excellent job. very well

excellent job. very well written.

doesn't this sound over

doesn't this sound over stated and slightly arogant??

what about the repeted use of words?

why not keep it simple and be honest whith yourself (instead of saying your superb)


i really don't understand why

i really don't understand why this is good, its not that articulate and it seems to lack charm or flow. if this is an archetypally 'good' statement perhaps i am deluding myself in thinking mine were ok. (i have applied to two completely different courses twice and have been accepted by my first choice twice).

poorly written

There is no personality to the statement and the english comes across infantile. I bet he didn't get a reply!

In response to the guest who

In response to the guest who thinks you shouldn't sell yourself on your personal statement I would dissagree. It's one of the few times that you should try your best to make yourself sound best suited for the place your applying for, why be modest if the whole point is for you to prove that your good enough for the course?

Also in response to the guest who suspects I didn't get a reply, I was offered a place in every uni I applied for.


This is good and all but it's

This is good and all but it's so incredibly cheesy. Kinda make's me feel ill.

Your all sad, bikerin over

Your all sad, bikerin over wether he'd get a reply or not its better than anything i'd write


I like it, helped much wit my statement


To the people who dont like this statement, everyone is entitled to their opinions, and so am i, so i think that if you dont like this then you are jealous and know your personal statement is a load of shite. stop putting people down just to make your sorry arses feel better.


it all sounds pretty good and

it all sounds pretty good and im impressed with how well you have done but you did a two year gap year and didnt try to pursue anything musical, if you are interested in music that should have been a main aim in a gap year. BUT overall it sounds good

damn good, plus it's 3,999

damn good, plus it's 3,999 characters... bravo

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