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Performing and teaching euphonium has been my dream since I was young. I had great fortunate to be the first euphonium major in Taiwan. This wonderful opportunity helped me to have a unique musical career as an undergraduate student because I gained professional experience teaching and performing domestically and internationally.

When I was at the University of North Texas, it was important for me to bring together euphonium players from the different countries. My study with Brian Bowman made me be a stronger performer and refined my teaching skills. Thus, I became a successful low brass instrumental freelancer in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

Brian Bowman's instruction to me was the accuracy of playing the musical language, as well as to be trained as a stronger soloist. Other relevant pedagogy courses influenced my teaching skills which helped many students in my studio win awards in state and regional solo contests.

The last week of April 2008 was an important event in my life. The tuba faculty Daniel Perantoni at Indiana University phoned me to tell me that there was an immediate opening in M. Dee Stewart's studio. I was so fortunate to have this late audition and admitted to the Indiana University, Jacob School of Music.

Under the instruction of M. Dee Stewart, I began to focus on music performance and that a great artist has the knowledge of manipulating music in switching multiple colors and shaping the music phrases. Another important concept that influenced me, was that wind performers have to focus on the efficiency of using our air.

While I was at Indiana University, I associated with other wonderful musicians and used their great facilities of the University. Thus, I experienced performing euphonium with stringed instruments and accompanied silent films. In short, my graduate studies not only helped me be a better teacher, but also helped me be a better stage artist.

While I was a doctoral student at the University of Utah, my master degree from Indiana University gave me advantages of conducting master classes and performing professional recitals in the neighborhood universities.

Most important of all, I was invited to perform as a soloist in the International Tuba Euphonium Association South West Regional Conference. I showed off my creativities of combining euphonium with stringed instruments. My program involved a new trio for euphonium, violin and a piano. This world premier repertory changed audience mind sets about the euphonium as a solo instrument.

My ultimate goal of studying in the doctoral program at the University of Houston is to be a music scholar and a performer. The University of Houston has a worldwide reputation of assisting students’ research liberally. Moreover, University of Houston has great studying and learning resources which will make me to discover more interesting subjects to benefit my stage performance and written publications.

While I was in Texas, I had a great experience of teaching young players and this important financial support and professional experience will help me focus on academic study. Additionally, the University of Houston has great funding to help students to study and I believe my professional experience meet the requirements to gain the scholarship necessary to finish my degree.

Beside research and financial resources, Texas has so many neighborhood universities for me to present professional recitals and clinics which will strengthen my resume and help me to compete for various college teaching positions.

In short, studying at the University of Houston will provide the strong resources and connections to help my career. I would like to be loyal to this great university and enjoy studying with great faculties and collaborating with other students. I am looking forward the opportunity of attending this university and being able to contribute my talent and efforts.

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This was my document to apply my doctoral program. I feel honest to tell who I am and convince committee members to admit me and award me scholarships.


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