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Music has always been one of my main interests and passions and I have always strived to learn and develop my skills and understanding of music as much as possible in my free time. It was only recently that I decided to pursue this interest further and study it full-time, academically at university as it is what I truly believe I want to be doing all my life.

It all started when I was eleven years old in secondary school and I was exposed to all kinds of genres of music rather than the standard chart hits I was listening to prior. I thought it was amazing how much great music there is out there and it wasn’t long before I decided I wanted to be able to play some music myself. This led me to start playing the guitar as soon as I could afford one. Over the years I eventually moved on to learn the drums and piano as well, which further helped my understanding of music and how different instruments all come together to create certain types of sounds.

Of course I was eager to form and join bands all the time and that only boosted my enthusiasm for the art – playing alongside and discussing music with fellow musicians gave me an incredible amount of confidence and skills I wouldn’t have obtained otherwise. It wasn’t until I started making recordings of my bands that I stumbled upon the production side of music. It amazed me how vast the area of music production was and it gave me further passion and drive for music as there was all these new areas to learn. Straight away I dug into using software such as Ableton Live and Cubase to record, create and edit my own sounds and that further increased my understanding and thirst to learn even more about sound engineering.

Other than just playing and creating music, I’ve also always enjoyed going to gigs, festivals and such, just to see music being performed live. I always get engrossed with how musicians play and thoroughly enjoy seeing their techniques as well as enjoying the sound itself. In later years when I started going to clubs and raves I discovered the wonderful art of DJing and that was yet another skill I wanted to learn for myself. By this point you could say I was completely obsessed with music and was what I spent all my free time indulging in.

In college I chose to study ICT as that another of my main interests. Since I was nine I’ve explored and studied a variety of areas including web development, networking, programming and hardware assembly. It made sense for me to study ICT post-secondary school as I’ve always been surrounded by it, whether I’m developing software for someone or troubleshooting a friend’s PC. This turned out well as I easily achieved three distinctions at the end of my BTEC and a CCNA networking qualification.

Work-wise, I have worked in the catering business for a number of years now, starting with working part-time behind the counter at a few local takeaways. Then I moved onto taking on a full-time kitchen porter job at a busy sushi restaurant alongside college, eventually working my way up to becoming a commis chef there. Currently I work part-time as a sous-chef at a reputable local restaurant and part-time expediting at a busy local takeaway. These years of experience gave me a great number of invaluable workplace skills – teamwork, punctuality, communication, coordination and the ability to work hard and well.

Overall, I see myself as a person who is keen and willing to learn and experiment with new ideas and technologies, and I hope that doing a music technology course will fuel my passion for music and help me get to where I want to be in the future.

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