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Music is something I feel very passionate about, my experience in various areas of the industry has fed this passion and I am very keen to strive towards a career in this very area. Although being 24 years of age I am pushing myself as far as need be to achieve where I want to be in the future. And I feel the Music Technology course will be a perfect way to help with my career choice.

I have been out of formal education for a while now, but during this time I have gained qualifications. My NVQ level 3 in communications technologies (systems) I achieved during my 4 years in the British Army. This course had given me great technical understanding and an interest in technical work. From setting up and using a variety of systems, faultfinding, and general system uploading to usage. I also have found myself to be very technical minded and have never had problems with technical work, often finding myself picking up new things very easily and quickly. I enjoyed the course and it proved to me able to still undertake schooling without difficulties.

At the moment I am working with a live sound company. This company puts on a lot of live shows from local bands to signed artists, as well as working at music festivals. Working with them I am learning all about using mixing desks and set ups. I aim to use the experience gained from this towards the course and give me understanding of the use of the equipment, and processes of engineering sound.

Currently I am self-teaching the use of programs such as CUBASE/PROTOOLS to also gain experience and knowledge of the use of these programs. I have very much enjoyed what I have learned and done so far, and I wish to push myself as much as I can, to do the work to a high level and prove that I am capable of the work and to show my passion in music.

This summer I followed my love of the industry even more by going on to work a variety of music festivals. Working at the music festivals, gave me a good insight of certain jobs and roles inside to industry, and pushed me into striving towards doing what I can to help myself get a career that I wish for my future.

I also have acquired other experience in the field for music, these include
-Working in a music promotions company, this involved putting on a variety of live music events.
-Being a regular paid dj at a few local bath clubs and venues
-At music festivals, I have so far worked as a volunteer, but have also been a stage manager, for a 500+ person one-day festival event.

My experience of pushing my self far has been shown to me, and others, in the work I have had since leaving the Army. These jobs have included being a store supervisor for a UK wide clothing store. I also have worked as a bar supervisor. In both roles I enjoyed the pressures of the job as I found I used it to push myself further in bettering my work and keeping it to a high standard of excellence.

Personally I also have a great love of film. I love meeting new people and experiencing new things. I am a people person who enjoys company of friends, and making the most of even bad situations. I enjoy reading and going out to music events such as gigs and festivals.

I enjoy working on my own, but also with other people. As part of a working team I enjoy the benefits of being able to help others as well as accepting any help myself. I continually push myself to always work to a high standard, and also under high pressures. I find that I am very technically minded, and usually very capable of having an understanding of how things work.

I am looking forward to the prospect of going to university, and especially having the opportunity of gaining a place on this course, as it is something I really am excited about doing for my future.

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This personal statement was written by sreid for application in 2010.

music technology at Cardiff University

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this was my finished music tech personal statement, it took me many drafts and advice to get it to this, which was what i was finnaly happy with. it is this statement that i would say helped me get an unconditional offer from the university of glamorgan, which i have accepted

i would be interested though to hear what you guys think of it, what i may have been able to do better, or if there is any thing you may be able to use to help in your own personal statement


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A Place.


I was just wondering if you got into Glamorgan in the end; as i'd like to study their Sound Technology degree :)






I value the article.Thanks Again. Awesome.

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