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From an early age music has been more than a hobby to me. It is a serious passion. I understand the importance of developing my vocal techniques and skills but I also want to have an in-depth knowledge of music and the way in which it has evolved over the years. During my musicianship and theory classes at ********, I learnt about composers from Wager to Mozart. Learning about Wager and his influence on opera was thrilling and inspiring. Having learnt the history of Mozart has enabled me to relate to his style. This has benefited me when performing his pieces.

In September 2006, I enrolled at the ******* Junior Academy where I started developing my music skills. Starting at a fairly mature age motivated me to work hard and progress with my singing lessons as I practiced consistently at home.

I am fascinated by aspects such as the history of music and music theory. I will be studying grade 7 theory in my gap year to enhance my knowledge of music harmony and general music. During my time at secondary school I participated in numerous concerts including a production organised by the National Youth Theatre of Scotland. At ******** Academy I was awarded a Certificate of Distinction in Higher Music, Advanced Higher Drama and the Sam Ferguson Aeolian Music Prize. This year, I also participated in my first singing competition and won first runner-up for the ******* held by the ****** Junior Academy . I was given the opportunity by ****** to perform at the ****** International Music Season which I thoroughly enjoyed. I was apart of the chorus of the opera Cavalleria Rusticana and I Pagliacci held by the company ***** Opera. Learning a score in two weeks challenged my musicianship skills and performing the opera was substantially a cultivating experience.

As part of my school placement, I went on work experience at Centrestage Music Theatre, Kilmarnock. I also arranged a three week work experience at an Asian drama company called Ankur Productions Ltd. Both experiences were extremely useful as I gained knowledge of sustaining a music and drama company. In July 2008 I attended the National Youth Choir of Scotland course and enrolled in a programme called Scottish ******. Through these organisations I was able to show my ability to be versatile in choral singing and opera singing. From Scottish ***** I gained an insight into the life of composers and their operas which played a strong part in society throughout the centuries.

In my gap year I am continuing my training at the ****** Junior Academy where I will continue with voice lessons and work towards achieving grade 6 in piano. I am committing to another Scottish ***** programme where the course will involve a greater insight into the world of opera. Currently, I am attending evening classes learning Italian at Intermediate 2 level. I am also taking an open learning course in Spanish. As a vocal
student it very useful to learn languages as this allows me to interpret my pieces efficiently for both analysis and performing purposes. I recently became a volunteer for The British Red Cross and my main task will entail taking care of an elderly person in their own home for which I will take a short training course and learn the basics of First Aid. For preparation for my practical driving test will continue with my driving lessons. Through East Ayrshire Council I have been given the opportunity to shadow a music teacher as part of my work experience. This will be very useful as I will see demonstrated how to be a working music teacher and have opportunities to be involved in the classroom.

Although I have not yet sat a grade 8 vocal examination to validate my standard, I will provide a music reference from my singing teacher when requested. In the future, as well as improving my overall calibre of performance, I want to see myself gaining more knowledge about significant aspects of music which has played a fundamental part in human civilisation.

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This personal statement was written by lovemusic for application in 2010.

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Being from Scotland I am nervous applying to Universities in England as none of my friends have done so. I would therefore appreciate advice as to whether my application is sufficient.



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