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There are many reasons why I want to study music and why I believe that I would make a great asset to the University of Liverpool. The earliest musical memory I have is singing along to ‘Puff The Magic Dragon’ and crying my heart out. The combination of the beautiful melody and the lyrics of loss and loneliness made a great impact on me. Since then, music has meant the world to me. I play the rhythm guitar, having had lessons when I was younger, and I learned to sing when I was in a church choir.

While in the choir, I participated in public performances, including Gospel Festivals in Copenhagen and Malmö. Along with music, my other passion is reading and has been for as long as I can remember. From the age of fourteen and spurred on by the Harry Potter craze, I started reading in English and never stopped. Not only has this provided me with an extensive knowledge of English literary culture, it also contributed to my command of the English language.

In 2008 I attended the University of Copenhagen where I studied Linguistics. I enjoyed being part of a student group, studying and discussing new ideas. However, I did not feel sufficiently committed to the subject, so I decided to move to Liverpool, to explore my love for music in a city that has fostered some of the greatest music ever. The music and culture of Liverpool invaded my heart and soul when I first visited the city in 2008. I believe that there can be nowhere better to study music than in a city that lives and breathes music, and where musical history surrounds you wherever you go.

One of the finest things about music is how it affects people. We all have a relationship with music; it might help you relax after a long day at work, get you into the mood for a night out, or help you recall memories from your past. In my gap year I was a substitute teacher at a primary school. Here I initiated a project about music and the way it affected children’s concentration, as well as providing the musical aspect in various projects, such as bringing a ukulele to work and singing and playing with the children.

I would like to study the relationship between music and people and what it is that attracts us and how it affects us. I find it interesting how music can be used in the media, and how the history of music can be heard in what is produced today. I enjoy reading books about the music business, including “Studying Popular Music Culture” by Tim Wall, which I found to be a very interesting introduction and reinforced my belief that your degree programme is one to which I can fully commit.

Working at a music store has provided me with a solid knowledge of music. I keep an open mind for new sounds, no matter the genre, and at the same time I am rooted in my love for sixties music. Through my voluntary work at the music venue Gimle, I have learned a lot about the importance of working in a team and always thinking one step ahead. I also write reviews and short articles for the music website ‘New Beats Media’, which has taught me to be precise and specific.

Having left higher education some years ago, I find that I miss the thrill of learning and the pursuit of new ideas. My decision to return to education has not been made lightly and, because of this, I know that I know have the motivation and will to succeed. The intellectual challenges offered by your programme of study and the extra-curricular activities available at Liverpool, added to my own experiences, confirm my belief that a degree in Music/Popular Music at the University of Liverpool is the perfect fit for me.

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This personal statement was written by ida for application in 2012.

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I spent a long time getting my personal statement right, re-writing about 3-4 times and moving paragraphs. Being Danish, I also asked for some of my English friends to read it through and make suggestions and improvements, but still keeping my own words and phrasing.
I have just accepted an unconditional offer from University of Liverpool.


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