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Music is an art which can captivate our emotions in a way nothing else can; it can inspire and help us convey thoughts and ideas through a unique medium. The study of how music affects culture and has been developed by history fascinates me.

Throughout my musical career I have been a part of many different ensembles and bands. This has allowed me to work as part of a team and to communicate with others through music. My interest in music was first sparked when I started to play guitar at age 14 and looked into participating in different ensembles both at school and externally. Currently, I am working towards my grade 8 in guitar after finishing my grade 7 in the summer. As well as guitar I have also had experience playing bass, drums and piano in live situations but have not taken any official grades for them yet. Some of the events in which I have taken part in include four summer musicals, including Billy Elliot and Lion King, as well as our own music festival since its creation in 2013. However as well as participating in school events I also have participated in external events with local bands and performers, such as the local theatre and a few small venues in London. These experiences have allowed me to become adaptive in live situations, especially because I have had experience playing different instruments live.

Throughout my studies I have looked at a diverse aspects of music, I have been able to look at music from two points of view. From the technological and business side with my music technology studies, as well as from an academic stand-point through my A level music studies. This has allowed me to see a broad spectrum of topics some of which I wish to develop further in higher education. Some of these topics include Music performance, Music History and The culture behind music as well as how technology affects music. These topics are fascinating and are areas that I am excited to explore further at university, it is important to study how music can and has affected culture and the way we live because it can give you an insight into how it may adapt and change in the future.

During the summer I had taken up some work experience in a local studio which gave me first-hand experience of how the music industry works. During my time there I had observed various different aspects of the process I had worked with musicians, taken recordings and learnt about the importance of aspects including variables such as, mic placement and acoustics which has furthered my knowledge from my music technology courses. During my time there I have learnt how to put these theories and ideas we have spoken about as part of our course into practical situations. During this time, I had also been given some insight into promotion, the music industry and also how bands and studios collaborate to make a final product. This experience has been invaluable to me and has allowed me develop the tools I need to pursue a career in the music industry. As well as this work experience in the last year I had also taken up two part-time jobs in retail, this is as a coordinator for Next and a trained fitter at Clarks. I enjoy working for two different companies because it gives me a broad spectrum of skills. For example, working as part of a team, also communication with both colleagues and customers, other skills include advising customers on trends and styles that would suit them best. These skills are something that I could take to higher education to enhance my experience.

As well as studying and performing music I also enjoy attending different performances and gigs. If I can’t be on the stage, I want to part of the crowd and feel the atmosphere. I have a great passion for music to see how much joy it can bring to a crowd. How one thing can bring such a large amount of people together I think it’s one of the true beauties of music.

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Comments welcome please, this is my first attempt at my personal statement. Was thinking of applying, to:

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