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My interest in music was well established at the age of 5 when I won a National Composition Competition to compose a song for the Rainbow Guides. I began piano and recorder lessons shortly afterwards and was consequently able to perform with a renaissance ensemble, where I played a variety of renaissance recorders and crumhorns. Since then I have taken lessons on viola, singing and clarinet, also enjoying the challenge of teaching myself to play flute and guitar. Since the beginning of secondary school, when I was introduced to the concepts of musical history and analysis, I have thoroughly enjoyed studying the subject and thirst to further my study of these aspects of music. Having had experience of assisting in musical direction and conducting some ensembles in school, I am very interested in developing my skills in this area in the future. My work experience placement at **[Guitar Shop]** which involved helping and advising customers in person and over the telephone, gave me a valuable insight into the commercial aspects of music retail and the practical issues of instrument repair.

Being elected Deputy House Captain at school as well as taking part in the leadership of a Christian Union, Junior Church and Girl Guide Unit has given me the opportunity to develop skills in leadership and organisation working with a variety of age groups. I aspired to broaden my knowledge of current affairs and develop my teamwork and public speaking skills, which I have largely realised by such activities as gaining the Guide Association Basic Leadership Certificate and taking part in the European Youth Parliament. My confidence in public performance has been greatly enhanced by my role in a string quartet, employed by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Society to play at formal occasions.

Throughout my seven years at **[School]** I have taken an active part in school life by participating in many extra-curricular activities including Chess Club, Handbell Ringing, Christian Union and a variety of House competitions. Being a member of the school Chamber Orchestra, Wind Band and **[Local]** Chamber Choir has enabled me to take part in the National Festival of Music for Youth, Llangollen International Eisteddfod, and Liverpool Festival. Outside of school I am also a member of **[County]** Schools’ Concert Band, **[Region]** Youth Orchestra and **[County]** Youth Orchestra, with whom I have participated in a concert tour to Tuscany, Italy.

In addition to musical activities, I have continued to extend my skills in other areas. Attending **[Local]** Trampolining Club enabled me to improve my fitness and gain the British Trampolining Federation Bronze award. Currently, I have regular Ice Skating lessons and have completed NISA Star Programme Silver Figure Skating. I have made use of my advanced IT skills in composing and arranging music, using Sibelius software, as well as designing websites using HTML. As a committed member of the Guide Association for 13 years, I have persevered with a variety of personal challenges to complete the Chief Guide’s Challenge and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award, which has been both exhilarating and rewarding and I am now working towards the Adult Leadership Certificate.

I am a keen student who is looking forward to the challenges presented by higher education and university life. Having enjoyed participating in a wide range of extra-curricular activities during my time at school, I look forward to continuing these activities at university, where I can pursue my musical ambitions as well as taking an active role in wider academic life.

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This personal statement was written by Amiolia for application in 2004.


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good statement you've done a

good statement you've done a lotta stuff :D

a good statement. you are

a good statement. you are very rounded in all aspects of your music and i hope you do well at university


i hope u do well



isnt it meant to be 40 lines?

isnt it meant to be 40 lines?

i like the way you added in

i like the way you added in the qualifications you have gained and also elabourated by expressing how this has helped you, well done and good look.


very good but slighty too much, just go straight and directly to the point. Tell them about why your right for the course etc. and that you socialise. but good luck still.

I am so deeply impressed by

I am so deeply impressed by your statement,or maybe,by your ability to manage so many instruments at the same time.But,is it realy possible for such a person to become a consummate musician?

yes i agree with that last

yes i agree with that last comment, how is it possible that one person can do so much and have time for themselves?

Involve the Uni more

Hi. Some great achievements here, but when I read personal statements I want to read about what applicants have to offer with regards to my course and the group. I like the way you have intergrated your quals within your experience, but this sometimes makes it difficult for tutors to 're-cap' your application when they have lots of statements to read. Maybe you could isolate your strongest quals within the body of the statement. Good luck anyway!!

Wow I'm in shock at how much

Wow I'm in shock at how much stuff you do. I think it's awesome that you can manage all that, well done. I hope you did get a place at uni, I reckon it would have been a really good thing for you, also maybe a bit of a break from all the things you're involved in. Do make time for yourself and for friends though, music is a tough subject and we all need a little light relief :)

wow! detailed and straight to

wow! detailed and straight to the point. a lot of very good stuff in this! well done


A good statement....although it came across as being a bit cocky to don't wanna act like your the next best thing to Jimi Hendrix or Paul Mcartney or Karen Carpenter...because believe me...right're not...

This comes across as very

This comes across as very arrogant and cocky - and if the admissions people think you have made any part of it up, they are more likely to throw your application away than invite you to an interview and ask for evidence.

Well done this fab. But it's

Well done this fab. But it's quite intense, i feel and quite hard to get your head round, maybe yuo shoudl try getting to the point a bit more. other than that well done and lots of luck for the future. xx

Wow, its really good, however

Wow, its really good, however alot of the stuff that you've done on there could maybe be included on your ucas form rather than in the statement. On reading it i get that your a very invoved and active person but without the first few lines of the statment i wouldn't be able to tell which subject you are applying for. I would involve more of the music into your statement, rather than listing your achievements as such. Though they are all brilliant!

i think its a good start!

you've done alot of stuff but

you've done alot of stuff but don't you think you've just focused on your extra curricular stuff? surely you want to emphasise your academic skills, unless this is for a conservatoire


i am god it is a sin and a joy

good statement

its good up to a certain point, however i feel it is slightly too long and that there MAY be some exaggarations however i have no proof to disprove you. Therefore its top notch, give yourself a pat on the back love.

You arrogent little girl. Why

You arrogent little girl. Why don't you get of that pedestal of yours and grow up.....honestly!

is it too long for a ps?

is it too long for a ps?

LISTEN TO THIS. You need a

LISTEN TO THIS. You need a focus. You are not making a personal statement essay, you are just telling your biography as a musician. And not only that, you are going much further from your focus and telling some other things about your life and how good you are at many activities. This is something you could tell in your application but not something to write about in your pse. You should think about giving your essay an specific topic to talk about which was important for your life and begin writing about it. It is just my advice..

This statement has been

This statement has been helpful during the writing of my own. Thankyou.

however i am confused about the how you have typed school in a strange context

**[School]** can anyone explain this to me without calling me an idiot if you will.

I believe she is witholding

I believe she is witholding personal info, hence the *[School]* parts

I have to agree with ALL the

I have to agree with ALL the above in saying that this does indeed look impressive, but also looks like you're talking as if you're the best musician in the world. I know tutors or people tell you to act that way so you get on the course, but this is too much. I'd say tone it down a few notches and make it less "I'm amazing because I've done grades" and worked with fancy orchestras. And be careful of "tl;dr" (too long; didn't read) :D


This is a really cool personal statement.
Well done chum!

The Philharmonic Society do

The Philharmonic Society do sometimes employ youth quartets to play at private functions hosted at the Philharmonic Hall. It is usually through the Philharmonic Youth Orchestra who encourage youngsters to form small chamber groups and promote themselves through the Youth Orchestra. I myself am a member of a youth quartet who regularly play at functions at the Phil and around Liverpool and we have a fixed charge which is paid by the Phil if we are employed by the Phil, or by other societies/functions/events depending on who wants the quartet.

its a good job your keen cos

its a good job your keen cos i wouldn't have u!!!!!!!!!!!!

why is everyone saying she's

why is everyone saying she's arrogant? isn't it better to show your enthusiasm to the unis instead of saying youre crap at everything and doubting yourself.. that just shows a bad attitude and no confidence in yourself. It's a great personal statement in my opinion.

What's everyone's problem?

People who can't believe that what is written here is true obviously have no idea what it's like to grow up as a musical kid. Believe me, the opportunities to play in orchestras, bands, etc. are endless. I'm not saying I know for a fact that it's all true, but it could be, and some of you just sound jealous that you haven't achieved that much with your lives!
All the stuff about grades, etc. will be somewhere else on the form. I do think you could have said more about what attracts you to music though, and why you have pursued it (other than just because you could!).

What's trampolining?

What's trampolining?

think people are being a bit

think people are being a bit harsh,
im 17 and have played on tv, written adverts for tv commercials for multi national companies and won 2 national song writing competitions,
im not bullshitting, if you work hard you can get there,
but you dont want to come across as arogant so maybe holding some stuff back for the interview might be better

i love lamp.

i love lamp.

it's an incredibly well done

it's an incredibly well done personal statement - except for the first bit. everything you've done is bound to impress, but what I should focus on mor ein the first paragraph is why you want to do what you're applying for more than what you have achieved.
yeah? :)

tu puta madre~~ because you

tu puta madre~~ because you make a big mistake
but anyway.... good job

Throughout my seven years at

Throughout my seven years at **[School]** I have taken an active part in school life by participating in many extra-curricular activities including Chess Club, Handbell Ringing, Christian Union and a variety of House competitions.

is that relivant?

but one the whole a very detailed personal statement also quite complex. Almost intimidating, good luck anyway.

i know very little about you,

i know very little about you, only your qualifications and achievements that seem exaggerated and unecassary.

I think a few of the points

I think a few of the points in this may have been slightly irrelevant, if you had cut back on some of the things that aren't especially related to the course etc you would have had more space to add in more about how music actually affects you.

I still think its very good and good luck :)

Criticism Criticism Criticism

Criticism Criticism Criticism. Don't Watch What they say. You Just Keep Doing your thing, as long as you're being real to yourself, Don't let no one stop you in anyway. God Bless



i don't think bell ringing is

i don't think bell ringing is even a club mate

I thought the first

I thought the first paragrapgh was really good as it linked in with the subject, but I didnt really think it was necessary to go into as much detail about your extra curricular activites.Although it shows your strong points and your energy I think it should have been more focused. I think you sound really down to earth in it though, and hope it got you into uni and you are enjoying it

Yeah but, Handbell Ringing...

Yeah but, Handbell Ringing... hahahaha

The big thing missing for me

The big thing missing for me from this was I didn't really feel your love and obsession with Music. I think it would really impress if you cut some of the achievements and added more about what styles of music you've played and comment personally on them, your proudest moment in Music and how it made you feel, and ultimately, WHY you love Music so much as to aim for a career in it.

How in God's name did you

How in God's name did you find the time to sleep in between doing all of this?!

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