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My interest in music came at a later part of my teens, after a family member who has been in a number music projects and performances with his local church for many years. With his inspiration I started taking interests in many different areas with in the music practise area, such as notation, different playing techniques and styles, and many new genre of music.

I started to play the bass guitar when I was 18 and took a keen interest in the instrument as itself and how it is used and manipulated in music. With my keen ambitions for music practise I started looking in to taking a music practise course in my local borough and surrounding boroughs. I finally chose to enrol at Havering college of F and HE after viewing their opening day, and saw the great facilities that the college had to offer. I knew from seeing the college and course that was being run that it would help tremendously with expanding my knowledge of music performance.

During my time at Havering College I studied a number of lessons in the two years of the National Diploma Music Practise and Technology course. A few of these lessons were Sound Recording Techniques, Live Sound, Music Industry, Performance, Music Theory and Harmony and finally Sound for the Moving Image. To me I think that these lessons are keen assets to the music practise area, and helps give more of an understanding on how the life in the industry is run.

From this course I have learnt a number of new skills both in the Performance and Technology side of the music area. Some of these skills that I have learnt are M.I.D.I, it's the history, how it is used today and how both hardware and software has changed since it's early versions. Some of the programs I have used to create and record live pieces are Cubase SX 3 and Logic Pro 7; I have also used a score edition program called Sibelius.

During my performance lessons I have done a number of recordings over the 2 years which included covers, interpretations and original material. To do this I learnt to use the Analogue studio and the A-DAT machine at the college.

We were given an assignment at the beginning of the second year where we were told our class had to set event and could perform in it, I had several roles within running this event, and some of these roles were Stage Manger, Myspace page manger, Video recording organization, promotion and Marking and promo graphic designs for this event.

While attending the college I was able to re-sit my mathematics to a national equivalency standard of GCSE grade C. During my second year I started to take private lesson outside of the college scheduled lessons, this was to study Rock school's companion guide for Bass guitar grade's 1-8. After the first year I helped a small circus group perform a number of work shops around the Havering borough, during the summer holiday, to provide entertainment such as games for young children with physical and metal disabilities.

I am a keen student who is looking forward to taking that next step in the ladder to higher education, I am looking forward to a new set of challenges and opportunities within university life. Having been in many different roles within my National Diploma course I am looking forward to elaborating them, and countinue studying towards my ambition of a career within the music business.

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Hi I would like to people to give on what they think of my personal statment. I had a look of trouble writing this because I have a lot of trouble with my English, I am English and it is my only lanuage but i manged to do my best.

Any comment would do nicly and it has already been sent off to UCAS so dont try and send it off as if it was your's, this is purely here to give other a hand and idea of what to write.


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other than the fact you spelt "mental" (dissabilities) without the "n" *metal* humm i'd say perhaps you emphasize your previous studies a slight bit too much and should talk more about instrumental practical skill or other areas of music in which you consider yourself
overall its pretty good! you've done really well!


Thank you for your article.Really looking forward to read more. Great.


A big thank you for your blog article.Really thank you! Awesome.

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