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Upon completion of my undergraduate degree in Nutrition, Exercise and Health, I have never been more interested in the role of nutrition and how it can be applied from the recreational active people to elite athletes. Being also an amateur athlete in my sport, I am always striving to improve and enhance my own sporting performance through nutrition.

After graduating in 2015, I have shown to continually top up my knowledge through continuous professional development wherever I can. I consider myself to be a perfect candidate for the MSc in Applied Sports Nutrition course because of my continued dedication and passion for the subject

I have gained valuable experience when I completed my undergraduate degree such as the ability to problem solve and critic journal papers. This has led me to be able to think critically and creatively; a vital skill to have as a higher education student. Therefore, I am confident that I can transfer these skills at a Masters level, whilst also being challenged further. I have also gained a higher self-awareness of my own strengths and abilities. I have the ability to recognise my own weaknesses and be able to improve the areas I am lacking.

For example, I was able to improve my communication and presentation skills and this was shown when I presented my undergraduate dissertation project which I have gained a grade A for that particular work. Throughout my time as an undergraduate student, I have consistently demonstrated the ability to manage my own time and resources whilst delivering at pace under pressure.

Coming out of a 2 year BTEC access course and going into a higher education environment, I have shown that I am able to be flexible and adaptable to the demands of what the degree requires of me. I have demonstrated to be persistent with my learning and have achieved an overall upper second class for my undergraduate. I believe that I would be able to take these attribute for my Masters degree, combined with my enthusiasm and interest for the subject.

I have decided to study MSc Applied Sports Nutrition at St Mary’s University because it is one of the few courses that is accredited and approved by SENr. As the ever expanding and competitive job market in sport and exercise nutrition, I strongly believe that achieving and obtaining a Masters Degree in Applied Sports Nutrition is necessary in order for practioners to provide up to date information and deliver quality services during consultations.

As the term ‘nutritionist’ is not a protected title in the UK, it is now more important than ever to gain the relevant qualifications, experience and knowledge in order to adhere to the nutrition governing bodies practice code of conduct and proudly represent the role of qualified nutritionist alike.

This particular course would also help personally broaden my skills and knowledge further and will significantly help improve my chances of employability within my chosen career path. Moreover, the unique teaching style of this MSc Mode of Study:4 x 3 day weekends 2 x 1 week blocks fits into my personal circumstances.

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