Supply Chain Management (MSc)

My decision to pursue the Master of Science in Supply Chain Management, at this point in my career, has been driven precisely by desire and ambition. My desire to comprehend topics revolving around Supply Chain Management and the ambition to achieve the level of Supply Chain Manager that I have always set my eyes on since back in my undergraduate days.

Though a three year of professional work experience in the field of Production, Logistics and Operations has given me the vast knowledge and command to cope with modern business challenges as a professional in the same field, I feel that current fast growing and competitive business world need vital strategic thinking and an adept to change. Globalization has brought new challenges for economies; hence today's manager must equip himself with the tools and techniques provided by research and development in Supply Chain Management.

My work experience is due to variety of positions I have held during my career growth. Beginning form Procurement Intern to Warehouse Clerk to Warehouse Coordinator to Senior Warehouse Coordinator responsible for the coordination of entire production operations, warehouse management and all replenishment matters of my horst firm. I discovered within me, a thirst for knowledge and quick learning, resulting in achieving challenging tasks within deadlines. The fast promotion and climbing corporate ladder is one of the proofs of my dedication and abilities in this sector.

My Bachelors in Purchasing and Supplies Management has given me the fundamentals of Transport Economics and Strategic Management. I learnt the importance of effective business communication especially working in a fast-paced business environment. Whereas Public Relations and Customer Care enhanced my knowledge about different cultures and economies, as well as potential markets for commodities. My bachelor’s degree also provided me essential knowledge of International Business that helped me in understanding historical backgrounds, policies and political influence of other countries and their business environment.

The mounting international demand of Information Technology and escalating usage and importance of business solution tools pushed me to cover this deficiency, so I opted for self-taught courses in I.T and Data Analysis. This helped me to further strengthen my base in e-commerce & data base systems, which has become extensive part of modern-day Supply Chain Management.

Some of my personal interests include Reading and Photography. I enjoy reading, cooking, solving analytical problems. I play rugby off and on. I'm very sociable and have friends in various sectors I interact with. I'm also subscribed to my field related groups and communities, to keep myself updated about the developments and issues related to industry.

For me, there are strong reasons for choosing Dublin Business School. First, it's reputation and ranking in the World’s Education sector being a world class teaching center and its position of “Ladder of opportunity” allowing graduates flexibility in career choices, secondly, its affordability, and finally the course itself. I firmly believe in gaining highly marketable set of skills from a reputable postgraduate course like MSc in Supply Chain Management Dublin Business School.

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