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There is nothing better than utilising your passion for something, to assist the people and contribute to the life. The image of a researcher, who performed experiments, discovering a problem solution, is engraved inside me since my childhood, arising a desire to be a researcher myself.

“What will be the world destiny when the fossil fuel, the main energy resource, will run out and how will people after us live in that exhausted world?” This thought always occupied my mind.

As I believe that the recent generations are responsible for leaving the global clean and rich of resources to the next ones, as they inherited it, I feel this responsibility, wondering how to utilize my study in Biology and chemistry to find out solutions for the energy crisis.

Via my external reading, I found the answer, Biotechnology, by which not only the energy crisis will be solved, but also food, health and environment problems, so I’m enthusiastic to gain more knowledge to encounter these hard challenges for a better life without conflicts, famines and pollution.

At the university, I got good knowledge via multidiscipline study; I was especially keen on Molecular biology, Microbiology, Ecology and Biochemistry as they enabled me watching the life from various perspectives.

My commitment to the lectures attendance, conduct of research and experiments, and the plant specimens pick in scientific trips, with my peers as a team, improved my skills in time management, accuracy, under-stress study, communication and teamwork. In addition, this lifted the veil upon other qualities in me, as I found that I’m organised, hard worker, cooperative and dependable.

I enrolled in a vocational program where I led a big part of a graduation project that included preparing a book and a final presentation in English. I planed the budget, project and time, communicated with my team.

What fascinated me was other and self-motivating, focusing on the positive attributes and the strength points to create positive attitude. This amazing internship boosted my leadership, interpersonal, presentation, language and project management skills that would help me to be a unique researcher.

To utilize and bond both of work skills and theoretical knowledge with the real world, I worked as a chemist in medical analyses field at a hospital and manual laboratories.

I dealt with the public, withdrew the blood samples, conducted the chemical tests, trained new chemists, handed results and accounted the income. I simultaneously travelled to Al-Ismailia, to study a diploma. This new challenge developed my ability to manage the time.

For a beneficial insight into the publication world and as I hope to have research published later on, I worked as a technical compositor at Scientific Publishing Corporation.

As per the firm’s publishing style, I reformatted and coordinated the paper. This provided me with an experience in publishing style and writing, uplifted my attention for details and solving the problems, and made me more qualified for being a successful researcher.

Due to the social responsibility, I collected medicines for the needy as a volunteer at charity. Also, I participated in a cultural activity for children; I taught Egyptian and Islamic values and culture, improved their interactive skills and manners, and reinforced the national identity. This strengthened my teaching potentials.

I learnt creative thinking ability, to simplify the information, and introduce a significant side of civilization and culture to the others in the appreciation for them, priding in my identity. This what I imbibed in Giza where I lived and many foreigners come to enjoy the civilizational richness.

That acquired me respect for the humans’ diversity. To innovate and get rid of the negative energy, I depend on hand-made works that raised patience and manual dexterity. I’m fond of reading, listening to music and watching movies. Travel to wild places while scientific trips fascinated me where I meditated, relaxed, and refreshed my mind. As well, this helped me to plan for my life thinking out of the box.

It’s the time for an academic degree in biotechnology, as my baby gets older and I reaped many skills and experiences which would support me, beside my dedication to the graduate study, not only to success and turn the dream into truth, but also take me back to the field of studying and doing researches which bliss me.

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